Soirée Royale

Lørdag 13. jan. 2024 - at 18:00

Copenhagen PortsideIstanbulgade 12150Nordhavn
Numbered seats
Comwell Copenhagen Portside

Welcome drink, snacks, 4-course dinner incl. wine menu and show

Soirée Royale combines the best of culture and gastronomy

Experience a magical evening at Comwell Copenhagen Portside on Saturday, January 13, 2024, with this amazing show, Soirée Royale.

Actor Thure Lindhardt will be the event's narrator and will take you through the evening's universe and musical journey. The evening features opera, classical music, beautiful stories and ballet, while an exquisite 4-course dinner is served.

All guests will be seated upon arrival, please note that you will be sharing a table with other guests.

Price: From DKK 1,670 per person (incl. Ticketmaster ticket fee at DKK 25)

Important information

The offer can only be booked at Comwell Copenhagen Portside, and there are only a limited number of tickets available. It is not possible to choose your own seats for the show. All guests will be seated upon arrival, please note that you will be sharing a table with other guests.

The concert package is payable upon booking (prepayment).

Comwell gift cards or club points cannot be used to pay for this stay.

Purchase of tickets for the concert is subject to Ticketmaster.dk's terms and conditions of sale and cancellation

Tonight's program

Snacks and bubbles

Guests arrive to classical music from Copenhagen Strings, where snacks and bubbles are served. Followed by the evening's narrator, Thure Lindhardt, who through a Grundtvigian monologue, accompanied by conductor and violinist Andreas Bernitt, introduces guests to the evening's universe and musical journey.

Starter - Nordic theme

Thure Lindhardt reads fragments of various fairy tales from Scandinavia's greatest authors, such as Hans Christian Andersen, Karen Blixen and Astrid Astrid Blixen. Andersen, Karen Blixen and Astrid Lindgren. Then Andreas Bernitt, accompanied by pianist and Copenhagen Strings, performs a musical reflection on the historical tales. As the evening's musical journey starts in the Nordic region, the music will be predominantly based on Nordic tones and melodies - both in the form of Andreas Bernitt's original compositions as well as well-known Nordic music.

Main course - Italian theme

Thure Lindhardt opens this section, which is themed around love, romance and Italy. Andreas Bernitt then performs excerpts from great Italian works, such as "Cavalleria Rusticana" by Pietro Mascagni, known from Godfather III and Raging Bull. Finally, soprano Sofie Elkjær Jensen from Det Kgl. Theatre, Sofie Elkjær Jensen, performs the beautiful and well-known aria O Mio Babbino Caro by Giacomo Puccini from the Gianni Schicchi Opera. She is accompanied by Andreas Bernitt and Copenhagen Strings.

Cheese - French Theme

The stage is set for a seductive French boudoir atmosphere. Andreas Bernitt performs songs such as "When a gypsy makes his violin cry" and "El Tango de Roxanne", accompanied by Copenhagen Strings. Thure Lindhardt leads us into the world of French poetry, followed by Andreas Bernitt playing the beautiful 'Claire De Lune' by C. Debussy. Debussy. Finally, ballet star Wilma Giglio from Den Kgl. Ballet, who dances "The Dying Swan" from The Carnival of the Animals by the French composer C. Saint Saens, accompanied by the beautiful "Claire De Lune" by C. Debussy. Saint Saens, accompanied by Andreas Bernitt and Copenhagen Strings.

Dessert - Le Grande Finale - World Theme

The grand finale of the evening, where guests will be able to experience a variety of different well-known and original works from around the world. In the best 'Pied Piper' style, Andreas Bernitt will lead a seductive, fun and versatile musical journey through different time periods, musical genres and cultural worlds. Here the great classics will meet the soundscapes of today and you will experience how elements from opera, ballet and classical music merge into a whole new universe.

All guests will be seated upon arrival, please note that you will be sharing a table with other guests. Please send food considerations in connection with the dinner. dinner at koncert.portside@comwell.com


  • 18:00 - Doors open

  • Snacks and bubbles at arrival

  • Starter - nordic theme

  • Main course - Italian theme

  • Cheese - French Theme

  • Dessert - Le Grande Finale - World Theme