Spa facilities at Borupgaard

Comwell Borupgaard's delightful spa facilities offer unique experiences for spa guests in North Zealand - for both private and business guests. Try, among other things, Denmark's first brechelbath, our spa park with nature saunas or our AquaSpa with salt sauna. We offer stylish spa facilities that give you the ultimate spa experience for both body and mind.

Denmark’s first brechel bath

As the first spa hotel in Denmark, Comwell Borupgaard in Snekkersten offers brechel bath, as part of our spa treatments. Brechelbath is a type of treatment that is more than 200 year old and originates from Bavaria.

Brechel bath is a herb steam bath with mild, dampish heat and slowly rising temperature. The special herb steam bath with spruce, flax or pinecones is mentally stimulating and increases concentration. The treatment takes places in a wooded room that matches the original brechel cabins. The brechel oven in the middle is the center of the bath, where its copper crown is filled with aromatic spruce twig and branches. In the sauna everything is computer controlled and therefore the steam will be led down the site walls of the cabin, via the copper ceiling and down along the back when the steam covers the entire ceiling.

The fresh spruce twigs on the floor give you a mild zone therapy. The temperature in the sauna has a pleasant humidity, between 40-65 degrees, and can be adjusted to your needs. The sauna is therefore ideal for guests who find the temperature of a standard sauna too hot.

In the winter, the floor is covered in the sauna by spruce and in the summer of pinecones. Both are soothing and mentally stimulating as it promotes a relaxing sleep and improves physical and mental resistance. At the same time it is also the mild, rounded, warm scent of the pine that makes the brechel bath so attractive.

Spa park

At Comwell Borupgaard we have a fantastic spa park with nature saunas, which offers a unique panoramic view over the lake and the park, and it also has a cold-water pool and a large outdoor hot tub.

Spa terrace

At the spa terrace, you can relax after a long day of concentration and focus. In the nature sauna, we offer sauna guests after work spa experiences with 15-20 minute massages or silent spa for complete peace and relaxation. Experienced spa therapists guide you through our many activities and will show you the way to a life with increased health, energy and mental peace.

In continuation of these experiences, you can have a grilled lunch or spa tapas served in the restaurant, all made with seasonal fresh ingredients. You can also enjoy a coffee with freshly baked cakes.


Enjoy our AquaSpa, where we offer fantastic experiences that strengthen body and mind.

As the only spa hotel in Denmark, we can offer salt sauna in our AquaSpa. The healthy saline ions are released through the heat and de-stress the body and skin, whilst your immune system is strengthened. This sauna also acts as anti-ageing therapy, with gives a softening effect on the skin and you will be left with a beautiful glow.

Spa shop

In the spa shop at Comwell Borupgaard, you can purchase products and get advice and guidance from our team of therapists. You can buy products from Ole Henriksen, Kerstin Florian, training clothes from Danza and Klaya, the popular Aerosoft sandals, Bare Minerals make-up, delightful liquorice from Johan Bülow, Pukka thé, fragrances from Anthausa, and much more.

The spa shop is open all days except on Tuesdays. You are always welcome to come and look at our products. We have great gift sets for different price ranges and a lot of ideas for birthday gifts, host gifts and more.


Indulge yourself with a SpaDay in our fantastic spa areas with beautiful surroundings. SpaDay costs DKK 695 per person and gives you access to all our spa facilities, including a lunch made from the best ingredients.

SpaDay at Comwell Borupgaard includes:

  • Free access to AquaSpa from 10am to 6pm.
  • Free access to out fitness room from 10am to 6pm.
  • Delicious and healthy spa lunch from 12pm to 2pm
  • Loan of bath robes, bath towels and slippers

SpaDay can be used Monday to Friday. Book a time by calling the reception at the hotel.

To complete your SpaDay, we recommend a spa treatment where our professional spa therapists take care of you and show you the way to increased well-being and mental peace.

There is no access for children under the age of 16 in AquaSpa and for spa treatments.