Spa facilities


Relaxation for both body and mind
At Comwell Kellers Park, we have a wide range of delightful spa facilities in our AquaSpa, which offers well-being for both body and mind. Our AquaSpa overlooks Vejle Fjord and includes 12 stylish facilities, comprising of a pool area with cold and hot water pools, steam bath, sauna and outdoor hot tub.

All guests who have booked a spa stay have free access to our AquaSpa.

Our AquaSpa is open every weekday from 7am until 11pm. On Saturdays, we always have many visitors in the spa area from around 2.30pm to 5.30pm, and we therefore recommend that you eat early and go to the spa after dinner, where there will be fewer visitors in the spa area.

Purchase access to AquaSpa
Guests who are staying overnight at the hotel but do not have access to the spa in their package can purchase this for DKK 250 for each person per day.

If you purchase a spa treatment worth a minimum DKK 650 per person, you will have free access to the spa area for that day. If your hotel stay includes spa, you will of course have free access to the AquaSpa during your entire stay. It is also possible to purchase additional spa treatments.

From Monday to Thursday, access to AquaSpa is only available until 6pm for guests who do not spend the night at the hotel. Friday to Sunday is reserved exclusively for accommodated hotel guests.

Please note that you should always call the reception at tel. 76 41 17 17 to find out whether it is possible to visit our AquaSpa, since we have a maximum number of overnight guests.

Monthly card for AquaSpa
You can buy a monthly card for our AquaSpa for DKK 800 per person. The monthly card must only be used by one individual and must be displayed on arrival.

The monthly card can be used from Monday to Thursday in the period between 7am to 6pm.

10-trip-ticket to AquaSpa
You can purchase a 10-trip-ticket to the AquaSpa for DKK 3000. The 10-trip-ticket is valid for 2 years from date of purchase and is not personal. If you have a guest with you, you can use one of your ten trips, or alternatively the price is DKK 350 for an additional guest.

The 10-trip-ticket can be used Monday to Thursday from 7am to 6pm.

Relax sauna
Relax sauna holds a temperature of 40-50 degrees. Here you can listen to calming music whilst having a stimulating aromatherapy treatment. Relax sauna can be used for a long time without the body warming up. It is very good to use the Relax sauna before a massage or another spa treatment. The heat makes the body relax, the muscles become soft, and the spa therapist can give you an even more effective massage.

Amfi sauna
Thes amfi sauna treatment warms up your body, and therefore stimulates blood circulation. A cleansing and detoxification process will then begin in the body.

Steam bath
In the steam bath your body is warmed up, which stimulates the blood circulation that initiates a whole-body cleansing process.

Kneipps foot bath
Go down to the cold tub. Stand/walk on site in each tub approx. 30 seconds. It is the interaction between cold and hot, which gives physical and mental well-being and pleasure and initiates the blood circulation. Repeat several times for approx. 5 minutes.

Hot Pool
Our Hot Pool will relax your entire body.

Tropical Showers
Our Tropical Showers, which have both warm or cold water, gives the feeling of being massaged on your shoulders and neck.

Cold tub
Our cold water pool stimulates the blood circulation and gives the body a kick.

Fitness pool
The pool temperature is around 28 degrees. Use the Fitness pool for swimming and aquabalance, as it provides good relaxation for the body.

Hot tub
Our hub tub works by soothing and lightly massaging the entire body, and minimizes pain and stress. You will feel better, more relaxed, and filled with new energy, whilst enjoying the beautiful view.

During the winter period, we strongly urge that you walk calmly and carefully in the spa areas, as it can be very slippery. All movement is at your own risk.

Heated couches
Lay down on the heated couches, relax, and let the heat propagate throughout your entire body.

Ice fountain
The ice is used to give the heated body a nice refreshment after a visit to the sauna or a steam bath. Massage the ice over the entire body. The ice stimulates the blood circulation, lymph and immune system.