Aromatherapy in the sauna

Discover aromatherapy in our sauna where our aromatherapy therapists give you a relaxing and cleansing experience. Through the warm and fragrant pure essential oils of the sauna, you will experience a deep and relaxing effect on your muscles. The skilled aromatherapy therapists will tell you at the same time about the carefully selected essential oils that envelop you in beautiful scent notes.

Aromatherapy in the sauna increases the blood circulation and affects your circulation positively. The smell and cold refreshments to the palate wake all your senses and you will feel a deep relaxation long after.

Our aromatherapy in the sauna costs DKK 75 per person and must be booked at the reception. To get this price, you must also have purchased access to the spa for DKK 295 per person.

Aromatherapy in the sauna every day at the following times:

  • Monday’s gus at 5pm
  • Tuesday’s gus at 5pm
  • Wednesday’s gus at 5pm
  • Thursday’s gus at 7pm
  • Friday’s gus at 5pm
  • Saturday’s gus at 2pm
  • Saturday’s gus at 4pm
  • Sunday’s gus at 2pm
  • Sunday’s gus at 4pm

Duration: 45 minutes.

Number of persons: There is room for 26 people at each séance. Please note that registration is based on the first-come-first-served principle.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page where we will inform about additional aromatherapy events, such as "Midnight ", "chill out gus", "Japanese gus" or "mindfullness gus". We are full of good ideas and proficient to aromatherapy in the sauna.

Contact us if you want a private event. One hour costs DKK 1.895 (Max 26 persons).