Yoga club

Yoga Club

At Comwell Korsør we offer yoga, where you will strengthen both small and large muscles. Yoga shapes the body and provides slender, strong and smooth muscles. You strengthen the weakest joints of the body, both the back, the loin, the stomach and the abdomen. Yoga provides a better balance between body and mind and stimulates blood circulation throughout the body. The training is very gentle and effective as well as extremely suitable for rehabilitation after an injury or surgery. Yoga gives a more focused posture, increases body awareness, teaches you to breathe effectively and at the same time de-stresses your nervous system.

The exercises furthermore strengthen the immune system, the digestion improves, and tensions are loosened, internal organs massaged and the blood circulation increased. Respiratory exercises help to integrate the exercises deeply and in harmony with the individual.

We organize the teaching so everyone can participate, subject to the individual's personal limits.

The different yoga types:

  • Yin yoga/Chandra yoga/Yin-Yang yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga (also called Power Yoga or Flow Yoga)
  • Yoga Silhuet

Times for group Yoga (max 20 participants)

  • Monday at 5.00pm – 6.30pm (for all - beginning/intermediate/advanced): Hatha Yoga
  • Wednesday at 5pm – 6.30pm (for all - beginning/intermediate/advanced): Yin yoga / Chandra yoga / Yin-Yang yoga
  • Sunday at 10.30am – 12pm (for all - beginning/intermediate/advanced): Vinyasa Yoga

Prices for yoga:

  • 10-trip-ticket DKK 650 per person
  • One time: DKK 75 per person

Yoga takes place at Comwell Korsør on the first floor in "The Yellow House". Come prepared with your own clothes, and we can lend you equipment such as mats.

After the class, there will be time for a cozy chat over a cup of tea.

Registration for yoga can be done at Facebook or mail: hotel.korsø

If you want yoga instruction/massage at your workplace or individual guidance, please feel free to contact us.