Virtual walkthrough

Visual walkabout of Comwell

View our meeting rooms and common areas in a visual walkabout

Instructions of use:

1) Press "play" to get started

2) Use cursor or arrows to walk around (if utilizing a tablet, use fingers)

3) To see different rooms - press "highlights" in the bottom of the video

4) To show full screen - press the squared icon in the bottom right corner

5) For an automatic walkthrough - press the "play" icon on the bottom left side

6) For a bird's eye view - press the square (dollhouse & floorplan)

Here, you can view the receptionen and room Oven Bæltet.

Here, you see the lobby area, along with rooms F, H og G.

Here, you see rooms J and I along with rooms 1, 2, 9, 10 and the pool

Here, you see room 2.

Here, you see room 6.

Here, you see Banketsalen at 1st floor

Here, you see rooms A and B.