Edible breaks

At Comwell Roskilde

We offer the following breaks:

Comwell Roskilde has developed some exciting and personal breaks that gives your events an extra dimension. Each break has a special content and will be presented with decorations.

The committee is big and there is therefore a great opportunity that we together find the right break for your event.

Hans & Grete

  • Pancakes with ice and jam

  • Hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows

Chocolate Breaks

  • Light chocolate cream brulé

  • White chocolate mousse with vanilla

  • Chocolate brownie baked with 70% dark chocolate

Energy breaks

  • Ginger energy shot

  • Kristina müesli bars

  • Smoothies fill with vitamins

  • Crudité crispy vegetable snacks

Snacks with ecological specialties

  • 2 good ecological chopsticks with homemade sour

  • Bread with ecological butter

  • Ecological North Sea cheese with chutney

Let's selebrate

  • Chocolate cake - filled with berry mousse and decorated with flags and lights

Licorice Breaks

  • Licorice-panna cotta
  • White chocolate with licorice and raspberries

  • Licorice meringue kisses

  • Licorice from Johan Bülow

Christmas time (November / December)

  • Danish "æbleskiver"
  • Mulled wine

  • Oranges / clementines

  • Mixed nuts

  • Pepper Nuts / brown cakes

Sun, summer and strawberries (May-July)

  • Strawberry smoothie

  • Strawberry pies

  • Strawberries dipped in chocolate

Cakes and goods

  • Mini-raspberries by Mette

  • Medals with cream and whipped cream

  • Cakes by Sarah Bernard

Easter break (March-April)

  • Chocolate easter eggs

  • Mango smoothies

  • Ice creame

  • Orange cupcakes with orangecream and small easter eggs

Ice creame 

  • Old-fashioned ice waffles

  • Stew, jam and creamballs

  • 3 kinds of ice cream


  • Apple flour with breadcrumble and whipped cream

  • Pear pies with ecological creme fraiche

  • Homemade juice of summer fruit

  • Blueberry smoothie