Food and restaurants

Sustainable food

Good food is an important part of a successful meeting or conference. So we only serve high-quality food and mostly use local producers and organic ingredients.

We’re part of BC Hospitality Groups “Responsible Hospitality” strategy, and prioritise sustainability in everything we do.

We can adapt the menu to fit your needs, and we never compromise on quality and taste.

Four different restaurants

At Comwell Conference Centre Copenhagen we have four different restaurants to choose from:

  • The Treehouse:

We offer delicious experiences in a comfortable and attractive setting at The Treehouse restaurant, which has been fully renovated with a focus on design and functionality. The Treehouse restaurant can accommodate up to 235 guests for lunch, dinner or parties.

  • B A S A L T:

B A S A L T is located at AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen, and features a refined menu with affordable prices. The dishes celebrate nature, quality and fire - this is why the majority of the food is cooked over an open fire.

  • Sky Bar:

Sky Bar is a unique bar 76.5 metres above ground level on the 23rd floor. The bar features a fantastic scenic view of the Copenhagen skyline, Amager Common, the Oresund Bridge and Sweden in the distance to the east.

  • BM Restaurant:

BM Restaurant is located at AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen and is the hotel’s buffet restaurant. It primarily serves as a breakfast restaurant, but can also be used for meetings, conferences, large dinners and other events.

Responsible suppliers

Our suppliers include:

  • Hopballe Mølle Chicken:

Hopballe Mølle is focused on animal welfare and high-quality ingredients. The chickens thrive and have plenty of room to move around.

  • Honey from ByBi:

Honey produced in the nature area surrounding the conference centre, where no pesticides are used. The bees are looked after by ByBi that recruits staff among refugees and homeless people.

  • Nordjysk Naturkød:

Our beef is from Nordjysk Naturkød, who is working to protect the nature and landscape in North Jutland. The animals have a free life and are healthy and calm.

  • Henrikfälts Farm:

Our pork comes from this Swedish and family-run farm. Here, animal welfare is a top priority, and the pigs are raised in healthy and environmentally friendly settings.

  • Sustainable fish:
When we buy fish, we follow WWF’s fish guide, which is a guide to make sustainable choices when buying fish.
  • Orang Utan coffee:

Orang Utan coffee is high-quality coffee grown in Sumatra, in a protected nature area. Here, they try to preserve the rainforest and the endangered orangutans.

  • Milk from Øllingegaard Mejeri:
This producer gets milk from 11 organic farms in Zealand. Quality and sustainability is top priority in all parts of the production.