The facade

The facade

There are three principles for the assessment of the southeastern facade.

The principles are distinguished by supporting the building's overall architectural lines. A coherent building project is being created. However, the principles to the southeast increase, so that a special green space is created for the promenade and "Kanalpladsen".

The building is built of a thorough public base, with 5 room floors located on top. The five upper floors organize in an 8 silhouette around two inner courtyards/roof gardens.

The green base
In the edge zone along the facade, green prayers are established. Climbed plants are planted at closed fields and columns. This results in a long stroke of plants along the canal.

The green roof gardens
The roof gardens are located two places towards the breakfast channel. The intention is to create a view out from the roof gardens, and in to the green slopes from the city hall. The internal facades of the cut are grinded with evergreen climbing plants.

The green top
The facade is further up filled with climbing plants to create the green look. 

Atrium - Fragrance Garden
Atrium with plants with different fragrances and following the season. Perfect for taking a short break

Atrium - Sculpture garden 
Nice green garden with green plants and toes. Perfect for taking a short break.