The construction project

The new Comwell hotel is located in the heart of the new district: Trælastholmen in the north harbor of Copenhagen

For the first time in Comwell's history, we open a hotel in Copenhagen. AP Pension is one of the main forces behind hundreds of millions DKK in a expensive new hotel in the North harbor. The hotel is designed by the award-winning architectural firm, Arkitema Architects, who has chosen to inspire the harbor's historic warehouses. The hotel in the North harbor will accommodate 493 rooms and 18 conference and meeting rooms, and will be the first hotel in the North harbor. The hotel is expected to open in 2020.

The hotel is built at Trælastholmen in the area between the marina and Copenhagen International School. The neighborhood has water around it on three sides and overlooks Øresund, and in a few years it becomes a whole new and attractive district - in the heart of Copenhagen.

It is the Danish-owned and independent pension company AP Pension, which, together with the Finnish pension company, Keva, is responsible for the financing of Comwell in the North harbor. This is the first time that AP Pension is part of such a joint venture project with another pension company. 

About the district of Trælastholmen

Trælastholmen becomes the most compact neighborhood in the North harbor with buildings of 4 to 6 floors and a single higher building. A continuous white facade ensures a connection with the existing white buildings at Svanemølle harbor, thereby strengthening the architectural character of the area.

The local city hall "Kanalpladsen" is designed with proximity and experiences by the water and has facilities for stay and movement primarily for residents in the neighborhood.

The metro square on Trælastkaj and "The Urban Sports Square" are townships with possibilities for movement, stayovers, trade and meeting places for users and residents in the district.

Audience-oriented features are placed towards the subway and selected corners along the access roads.

Aarhus street district changes character

The Aarhus street district builds on the long history and strong identity. The history of the harbor and the area's qualities, will create a unique district with strong contrasts. Old meetings new. Small meetings big. Closed meetings open. The city meets the water.

The city development has begun in Århus street district - the southernmost part of the North harbor. From the harbor area with free-port status and extensive use to a city of neighborhoods, in direct connection with the water.

The Aarhus street district, bounded by the "Nordbassinet", "Kronløbsbassinet" and "Kronløbet", is realized as the first city block with space for approx. 3,000 residents and 7,000 jobs.

The old buildings, silos and quays will, in conjunction with the new urban spaces, buildings and bridges, create a district with clear historical traces. 

The raw character of the harbor, rugged materials and simple construction are used and supplemented with refined details and materials. In this way, the harbor's raw aesthetics are continued in new ways, and a special character is created in the meeting between the robust and the refined.

The outdoor areas will preferably appear new because, in addition to a number of buildings in the area, it is primarily the buildings that are preserved. Outdoor areas contribute to the identity of interpreting the harbor's simple and raw aesthetics in a modern style that supports the needs of the neighborhood's users.