Activities and Sights Near Comwell Sorø

Activities at the Hotel

Customized Walking and Running Routes
If you prioritize the freedom to use nature for daily exercise, join us on a tour of the hotel's surrounding nature. We have customized three different digital running routes and added them to the RunGo app, which tells and shows you which route to run, how far you have left, and which roads or paths to take. Just like a GPS in a car.

The short 3 km distance is also recommended for "walk and talk", a healthy break during a meeting or seminar. RunGo is free and can be used for iOS and Android - both on mobile and on Apple Watch.

Bike Rental
Get out in the open and experience the beautiful nature in and around Sorø or bike into Sorø town and grab an ice cream. You can rent bikes on a daily basis. Price 100 DKK per bike per day. Just contact the reception.

Various Games
If you feel like challenging your family, colleagues, or friends to fun games, just contact the reception. We have darts, table football, billiards, and giant board games.

Various Board Games
Board games are more popular than ever, and everyone can join in. We have a selection of different board games that you are welcome to borrow. Just contact the reception.

Attractions Near the Hotel

Sailing trip on Sorø Lake
Hop aboard Lille Claus and join a boat trip on Sorø Lake. The boat can also be booked for private tours and it's possible to eat on board. 60 DKK per person.

Sorø Academy
Sorø Academy has been used over time as the name for various institutions associated with the former buildings of Sorø Abbey. The abbey was taken over by the crown in 1580, and on August 10, 1580, Peder Reedtz was granted Antvorskov and Sorø abbeys.

Sorø Abbey Church
Sorø Abbey Church is one of the largest medieval churches in Denmark. It was built in the late 1100s and is one of the first brick buildings in the country. The church was part of the Mariakloster in Sorø, which was built by the Cistercians encouraged and supported by Bishop Absalon and the Hvide family.

Sorø Art Museum
Sorø Art Museum is a Danish art museum. The collection contains about 2,300 works spanning 350 years of Danish art. The collection consists of paintings by the most important artists in Danish art history from Abildgaard, Thorvaldsen, Lundbye, and Eckersberg to L.A. Ring and Anna Ancher. In addition, the collection includes fine works that show the movements in modern art from early modernism to the tight concrete art of the 1950s, to the radical minimalism, pop art, and land art of the 1960s, and the wild painting of the 1980s rounded off with contemporary art from the 1990s to today.

Birkegårdens Gardens
The ideal place for garden enthusiasts. With its five very different gardens, the place offers a wealth of colours and shades set in beautiful surroundings. The Danish/English garden of 7,000 m2 is a fantastic colour experience all year round. The trip there take 25 minutes by car.

Gavnø Castle
Gavnø Castle houses Northern Europe's largest private collection of paintings, with around 1,000 paintings, including Denmark's largest collection of portraits. In the park, you can experience one of Denmark's most famous and beautiful garden landscapes, which always showcase the season's most beautiful flowers and bulb plants in full bloom. The trip there take about 40 minutes by car.

Stevns Cliff
Stevns Cliff is a 17 km long and up to 41 m high cliff that borders Stevns to the east. It was added to UNESCO's World Heritage List in 2014. At Stevns Cliff, a layer of fish clay marks one of the biggest natural disasters and mass extinctions in Earth's history. Enjoy nature, see the Fish Clay layer and learn about geology, fossils, and the extinction of dinosaurs.

Forest Tower
The 45-meter-high Forest Tower, located in one of Gisselfeld Abbey's forests, offers 360-degree views of the beautiful South Zealand nature. The tower is made of corten steel and local oak. The Forest Tower is part of a fun and different nature experience for both young and old, and there is the opportunity to rappel in trees. The trip takes about 40 minutes by car.

Nature Experiences Near the Hotel

Nearest Beach
At Sorø Lake, only 1 km from the hotel, you will find the small cosy bathing beach Skjolden, as well as the lake bath in Parna's nature and activity park, which is located in the middle of the forest and is only 3.5 km from the hotel. If you prefer a dip in the sea, we recommend Stillinge Strand - West Zealand's probably best sandy beach. The beach is located a 25-minute drive from the hotel and here you can enjoy a long and wide sandy beach with a view of the Great Belt Bridge as well as some very beautiful sunsets. 

Nearest Ice Cream Shop
Ice cream and summer undoubtedly go hand in hand, and at Emils Chokolade on Storgade, only 2.5 km from the hotel, you can enjoy a large selection of homemade Italian ice cream all summer long, which is worth all the calories. At Emils Chokolade, you will also find a delicious selection of chocolates, coffee, tea, and high-quality chai.

Nearest Shopping Street
We can recommend a stroll in the small but cozy town street Storgade in Sorø, which offers a mix of well-known shops and small personal shops. Storgade is located 2.5 km from the hotel and ends at Klosterporten, which leads into Sorø Academy. If you are into outlet shopping, you can visit Outlet Town in Ringsted, located 17 km from the hotel.

Nearest Forest
You will find plenty of forests and green areas in and around Sorø. In addition to a small forest located in the hotel's backyard, the nearest one is Grydebjerg Forest, only 1 km from the hotel. The forest is located along Sorø Lake, and here you will find marked hiking trails. You can also enjoy the deep tranquility of the forest in Store Bøgeskov, 10 km from the hotel. The forest is known for its spring, which people used to pilgrimage to as it was reputed to be healing.

Nearest Attractions
Sorø Monastery Church and Academy Garden are worth a visit when you are in Sorø. In addition, you can experience Sorø Museum and Sorø Art Museum as well as Bjernede Round Church, which is the only round church left on Zealand. 22 km from the hotel, you will find the Viking fortress Trelleborg, and 43 km away, you will find the popular attraction Skovtårnet, from which you can enjoy the view from a height of 45 meters. 

Nearest Golf Course
Not far from the hotel, you will find Sorø Golf Club, which with its location in the area around Tystrup-Bavelse Lake and its exciting layout, is a particularly well-visited golf course. The area is known as one of the most beautiful in Mid Zealand for its varied, expansive, and hilly landscape.