Team Building

Alternative Meeting Styles at Comwell Sorø

Møder og konferencer hos Comwell

Alternative Meeting Styles

At Comwell Sorø, there is a present and relaxed atmosphere with plenty of opportunities for team building and fun meeting activities. Among the exercises and activities you can try are:

  • Chilli and cheese tasting

  • Three-part course in cooking, table setting, and wine/cocktails

  • Sustainability

  • Chocolate and marshmallow course Together with our skilled chef, you will learn how to make your own chocolates and marshmallows, and along the way, you will receive explanations and taste the products to take home.

  • Wine tasting and stories about Comwell Sorø's wine projects Taste the different transitions between them and feel the unique atmosphere when you get so close to the vineyard.

  • Cocktail course Sour, sweet, bitter - try a few different combinations. What will be the best?

  • Beer tasting with Sorø's own beer sommelier We have three trained beer sommeliers who guide you in the taste of our different beers - and combinations with food.

All of our events have a duration of approximately 1 hour with a maximum of 20 participants. However, more can be extended and have more participants. Learn more from our meeting designers.

All events have a starting price of 3,000 DKK.

Wine tasting and cocktail course: 198 DKK per person.

Chocolate and marshmallow course: 298 DKK per person (maximum of 12 people).

Other events: 98 DKK per person.