Comwell Aarhus wins Climate Award 2022

05 October 2022


October 2022: Comwell Aarhus Dolce by Wyndham wins the Climate Award 2022, and is thus voted Denmark's most climate-friendly hotel among the country's many hotels and conference centres

By Maja Spangsberg Krogstrup

Our fantastic Comwell Hotel in Aarhus wins the award's first place for Aarhus and nationwide for the entire hotel industry because the hotel operates with the lowest CO2 emissions per overnight guest. Comwell Middelfart is also honoured with this year's Climate Award for Funen and the Islands. The prize is awarded by Dansk Erhverv in collaboration with, and the assessment is based on factual data from the hotel's operations. 

Green initiatives raise the bar for the industry
With a top climate score of 10 out of a possible 10, Comwell Aarhus is a good example for the hotel industry of how we can raise the bar for the green transition. The great climate score shows that we can make a huge difference when we work with sustainable decisions and efforts in the daily operations. 

 "I am incredibly proud on behalf of my colleagues across the entire group, as it is their dedicated efforts that have taken us so far in our work with sustainability. We are by no means at the end of our journey, but we have created a strong foundation that we can build on. It has so far been an exciting journey full of learning, challenges, mistakes and successes - and most importantly, a journey we have taken together both internally in the organization and with our partners." says a happy Mai-Britt Jensen, HR & Sustainability Director at Comwell Hotels.

Sustainability is a shared responsibility

"At Comwell, we see sustainability as a shared responsibility, and therefore it is also something that involves the entire organization, from the top management to the chef apprentice who, for example, finds creative ways to use the whole raw material so that we minimize our food waste. Everyone can make a difference, and even the smallest idea counts in the big picture,” says Mai-Britt Jensen. 

Across the entire Comwell group, targeted work is being done to lower the climate footprint of the hotels' energy consumption - to reduce food waste, optimize waste sorting, use green energy sources and make energy-friendly choices when building and renovating. At Comwell, the sustainable line must be part of the employees' focus in daily life, regardless of where in the group you work. Therefore, all employees also attend training in sustainability to ensure that everyone is well-dressed to take part and take responsibility which also includes encouraging the employees to contribute with good ideas for future improvements. 

Hotel stays are more climate-friendly than private stays
Although the hotel and conference industry is known to be an energy-heavy industry, both Comwell's and the other hotel and conference participants' good climate scores are proof that it doesn't have to be that way. The hotels with the best climate scores are now greener than the average household with a climate footprint lower than the average private consumption of approx. 47 kg of CO2 per day. According to, all hotels that have a climate score of 7.1 and above are therefore more climate-friendly than private residents.

At more than 34 hotels, you are now staying more climate-friendly than at home. This is an increase of 30 per cent. compared to 2021 and is a strong signal that the industry is making a big effort in taking and driving climate action (source:, results from Climate Award 2022).

"I think the great results for this year's Climate Award testify to an industry in fantastic development", says Mai-Britt Jensen, and points out that this is only the beginning for Comwell Hotels: 

"We are now looking forward to taking the next step on our journey, and we are currently finalizing our strategy for the next 5 years, which we are looking forward to seeing come to life."

Danmarks mest klimavenlige hotel


Climate-friendly transport and own energy production has been one of Comwell Aarhus' major sustainability projects, which has meant that the hotel's climate footprint per overnight guest is minimal. 

"We are very proud to receive the award as the most climate-friendly hotel in Denmark. It is several years of focus and targeted work that is being rewarded. And we are extra happy to be at the forefront of an industry that shows an ambitious climate-friendly direction - and not least shows guests that it can be more climate-friendly to spend the night, or hold a meeting, in a hotel than it is to stay at home", says director Flemming Poulsen from Comwell Aarhus. 

A jury consisting of climate scientists and industry professionals has given the following justification for appointing Comwell Aarhus: 

"Comwell Aarhus distinguishes itself by having a minimal climate footprint in all areas, from transport to energy consumption to food and drink. The hotel stands out, especially in terms of transport with the installation of an incredible number of charging stations. This drives behaviour for more guests with electric cars to use the hotel. On the energy side, the hotel has converted large parts of the energy supply to climate-friendly energy sources, and solar panels have been installed on the facade, among other things." 

 Read more about the award for Comwell Aarhus at Dansk Erhverv here

Bæredygtighed og madspild Comwell Middelfart

Comwell Middelfart wins on Funen for food waste efforts

Climate-friendly food and drink have been one of Comwell Middelfart's major sustainability projects, which has meant that the kitchen today has a low climate footprint.

“It's almost like a fairy tale. We are happy and proud to be named Funen and Islands' most climate-friendly hotel for the 2nd year in a row. But the journey does not end here. We will continue to focus on the climate impact and allow companies and individuals to make climate-friendly choices. Sustainability is in focus in all parts of our business, e.g. as continuous energy optimizations and a major focus on food. In the kitchen, we work purposefully and continuously to minimize food waste. The chefs portion out many dishes for the guest, and every day we highlight waste from guests, production and warehouses to constantly optimize. At the head of this work are our head chef Hanne and our AV property manager Michael, but all our colleagues are on the journey and do their best every day to contribute." 

The jury has given the following justification for selecting Comwell Middelfart: 

 "Comwell Middelfart is again this year Funen's winner. The hotel is distinguished by having a low climate footprint from food and drink, which is the result of targeted efforts and an ambitious head chef who is hardcore in utilizing all the raw materials and prepares the food directly for each guest. Since last year, the hotel has also succeeded in reducing the amount of laundry as well as reducing the emissions of electricity, water and heat.”

Comwell Hotels er klimavenlige