Get free access to 7,000 newspapers and magazines

Comwell Hotels wants its guests to make the most of the numerous newspapers and glossy magazines on their journey towards improved and more sustainable hotel management. PressReader can be used on mobile phones, tablets and laptops – taking the hotel chain another step down the environmentally friendly road.

For many hotel and conference guests, access to the latest news, analyses and entertainment is an important part of staying at Comwell Hotels. Therefore, we are offering you free access to more than 7,000 Danish and international newspapers and magazines – and even 24 hours after your visit.

You can choose between the latest digital newspapers and magazines from over 100 different countries and in 60 different languages. The newspapers can be read at the same time as the paper editions are published in the home country, and long before they are available on newspaper and magazine shelves in Denmark.  

How to get started:

  •  Use our free WiFi by using the network: comwellhotell / password: comwellhotels
  • Download “PressReader”