CSR policy

We have already managed to implement a considerable number of strategies and activities that will strengthen our work with CSR, but we intend to work continuously at being even better. There are always new challenges, we will never be finished, but we will do our best to keep up.

In order to able to move from a position of action to where we feel capable of expressing our opinion in the best and fastest possible way, we work from a process-oriented model that ensures a clear structure in our work.

  • We investigate and register everything at our own hotels and are constantly launching new projects that can make us more sustainable.
  • We work closely with our suppliers and make demands on them to ensure that the service and products delivered at all our hotels comply with our guidelines. Through constructive dialogue, we also try to make them consider the idea of sustainability just as seriously as we do.
  • Most important of all, we talk openly about our work in the hope that we can influence our guests and the rest of society. There will always be places where we can do things better, suppliers who can improve and guests who can be inspired to make even more effort.

Social responsibility

At Comwell, we care about people and the environment. We take responsibility for our employees to ensure that we represent the world we are surrounded by, that we have happy and satisfied employees so that we can develop, attract and retain talented and happy employees.

We highly prioritise:

  • Taking co-responsibility for people in the community who are outside the labour market, people with disabilities and refugees
  • Creating transparency in the value chain by explaining what we do and who we work with
  • Ensure a decent and sustainable working environment – both physically and mentally
  • Educate all employee groups to create sustainable transitions that can pervade the entire organisation
  • Prevent occupational accidents and near-accidents
  • Maintain and develop common policies and procedures for a sustainable working environment in all hotels
  • Ensure diversity in senior management so the share of the underrepresented gender is a minimum of 33%.