Acitivities and attractions

Faciliteter, attraktioner og seværdigheder omkring Comwell Kellers Park i Vejle. De bedste aktiviteter at lave på og omkring vores hotel, masser af oplevelser både kulturelle og i fantastisk natur


Bespoke walking and running routes
Is the freedom to incorporate nature into your daily exercise high on your list of priorities? Then join us on a walking/running route and explore the hotel’s nature surroundings. We’ve created three different digital running routes and added them to the RunGo app, which uses turn-by-turn navigation to show you which route to run, the remaining distance and which roads or paths you should take. Just like a car’s GPS system.

The shorter three-kilometre route is also recommended as a walk-and-talk route for a healthy break during a meeting or seminar. RunGo is free and available for iOS and Android – for both smartphone and Apple Watch.

Board games
Board games are more popular than ever nowadays and everyone can take part. We have a varied selection of board games that you are more than welcome to borrow. Just ask at reception.

Saunagus ritual in our natural outdoor sauna
We offer our guests relaxing one-of-a-kind experiences led by saunagus masters who make each treatment unique. You have the opportunity to experience an array of aromatherapy-based sauna experiences including midnight sauna, romantic valentine sauna, Tuesday sauna and the saunagus ritual.

Saunagus is pure well-being for the body and mind. Using pure essential oils, our skilled saunagus masters will create an amazing aromatherapy experience for you with a special technique in which they whirl a towel to distribute the heat and fragrant scent of the oil in all directions. Price per person DKK 75

Spa and beauty treatments
Indulge in a little extra luxury at Comwell Kellers Park with a variety of spa treatments, all with a focus on enhancing your well-being. The spa is staffed by highly trained spa therapists who offer head-to-toe treatments. Choose from a wide range of treatments for the face, hands, feet and the rest of your body. Price per person DKK 350

Petanque court in the garden
Enjoy an afternoon in our large park with a game of petanque. Balls can be borrowed at reception.



Vejle Museum of Art
Vejle Museum of Art is home to a collection of classic and modern paintings and sculptures. The collection contains approximately 1,500 works. A small collection of Danish Golden Age art from the latter part of the 19th century with numerous motifs from Vejle and the surrounding area forms part of the collections. There is also a collection of Danish modernist art from the early 20th century.

The Jelling stones
The Jelling stones is a collective term for two historical runic stones in Jelling, located approx. 30 minutes’ drive from the hotel. The runic stones are included on the UNESCO World Heritage List along with Jelling Church and the two massive Jelling Mounds. The two rune stones reflect the transition from the pagan Viking Age to the Christian Middle Ages. The smallest rune stone is the oldest, probably dating from approx. 950 AD. It was erected by King Gorm the Old in memory of his wife Thyra Danebod. The runic stone is also the oldest preserved Danish source in which Denmark is mentioned in writing. The Jelling stone is also known as Denmark's birth certificate.

Legoland is one of Denmark's most famous amusement parks, beloved by families with children and children of all ages. There’s plenty of action, speed and fun here for the whole family to enjoy.

Koldinghus Castle
Koldinghus – Jutland's last royal castle – is much more than a museum. See the remains of the ruin that tells of the catastrophic fire in 1808, experience the story up close through vivid tales in the castle’s large halls and see the treasures of the Danish kings and queens in special exhibitions. Koldinghus offers a series of special exhibitions, family activities during all school holidays, concerts, lectures, a Christmas market and a royal costume workshop. This year, Koldinghus will display H. M. Queen Margrethe II’s private embroideries for the very first time in the exhibition “The Queen's Embroidery”.

ARoS is an art museum located in the centre of Aarhus. Its 20,700 square metres and 10 floors make it one of Northern Europe's largest art museums. The museum houses art collections that range from the Danish Golden Age to Danish modernism and international contemporary art. The museum offers a variety of special exhibitions every year.

Trapholt is a museum of modern art and design, located in Kolding and opened in 1988. The museum is also known as “Jutland Louisiana”, which may be due to its location at Kolding Fjord with a combination of old and new architecture – or because it also focuses on modern art. The museum also includes a furniture museum with contemporary Danish furniture design and collections of handicrafts, primarily ceramics and textiles. There is also a collection of more than 500 chairs from the 20th century, making up Denmark's largest collection.

Geographical Garden
Geographical Garden is a 14-hectare botanical garden with rare plants organised by their geographical origin. You can visit South America and see the Brazilian giant rhubarb or the almost 100-year-old trees in North America. There are many different rhododendrons and more than 7,000 roses.

Kellers Minde Museum
Comwell Kellers is located in the small village of Brejning, which has been characterised by the presence of the Keller Institution since 1899, and the beautiful buildings bear witness to a unique piece of Danish history. In connection with the phased closedown of the institution, objects that were once used in the treatment and care of people with mental disabilities were collected. The museum also houses books, pictures and other artefacts from the institution’s unique history. 



Our beautiful harbour is situated just a stone's throw from Comwell Kellers Park. Morning swims are a popular pursuit around here, so give your body a boost with a morning dip before taking a little tour of our idyllic green area on your way back to the hotel.

Hvidbjerg Strand is located just 8 km from the hotel – and we think it’s Denmark's most beautiful beach! The beach is named after Hvidbjerg Klit, with its large, white, fine-grained sand dune 27 metres above sea level making it completely unique to Jutland's east coast. Marvel at the view across the lush wooded Trelde Næs and the outer tip of Vejle Fjord.

Feel free to bring your bike. You can test-drive the Tour de France 2022 route, which includes Vejle. If you’d like a route that’s a little less challenging, we can accommodate that too, as there are plenty of lovely routes accessible from the hotel. Take a walk along the historic route in our large green areas with lush slopes by Vejle Fjord and read about the history of the buildings along the way. We will be happy to provide you with a map. 

The spectacular Fjordenhus building is an absolute must-see, rising majestically up from the waterfront at a height of 28 metres above sea level, uniting art and construction in Vejle’s harbour basin. The stairs meander upwards like bean poles, and there is access via a narrow walkway. Fjordenhus was designed by the world-renowned Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson (also famed for works such as “Your Rainbow Panorama” at ARoS in Aarhus).

Located a pleasant walk from the hotel is Denmark’s most beautiful watermill, which is still in service, so you can buy freshly milled flour here to take home. Stop by Ulla's garden on your way back. DKK 50 will give you access to a mindful experience in Ulla’s sensory outdoor space.

Kick off your walking shoes and drive the 15 km to Fredericia Vold, Northern Europe's best-preserved fortress, right in the middle of Fredericia. The ramparts are the perfect setting for a lovely evening stroll. Start at Holstens Bastion and walk all the way around the eight bastions – a 4 km trip. You can park at Øster Strand.

Head to Vejle and take a stroll through the charming old trading town. Vejle has been named Denmark's best trading town on multiple occasions and offers small, exciting design and speciality shops and 300 well-known chain stores. Vejle has everything you need and more.

Whether you are a high or low handicapper, you’ll find plenty of opportunity to play golf within a 30 km radius. From pay-and-play golf to major challenges on beautifully situated hilly courses with forests and lakes. Green fee guests are generally welcome. We recommend Kellers Park Golf Club, which is located right next to the hotel with an 18-hole course, and Vejle Golf Club – “Denmark's most beautiful golf course”.