Food and cakes at Centralværkstedet

A central part of the experience

Meeting, conference, or wedding reception. Whatever you're here for, food is always important. And it's important to us too!

We are passionate food lovers, foodies, and professional chefs, staff, and pastry chefs. And we approach our work with the ambition and skills to give your guests great dining experiences.

Because food should taste good - and make an impression. And it should bind the company together so they have even more to talk about. Because food is a shared experience.

The taste of homemade

At Centralværkstedet we have our own kitchen, and in Smedien we make the cakes. From here comes the smell of freshly baked bread and the bowl of homemade mayonnaise. Here we make the food ourselves, from scratch. We use fresh seasonal vegetables and meat from Grambogaard. Sustainability and ecology are important to us, and we are not afraid to mix flavors and styles from all world cuisines.

Our kitchen staff has extensive experience in cooking for many, so we are happy to suggest a menu for your meeting catering, conference dinner, finger food for the trade fair, or gourmet menu for your big party.

We also have wines and beverages, and we are of course happy to put together a menu where food and wine are the perfect match.

In-house pastry chef

The cakes are a chapter in themselves. In the cake kitchen, our skilled pastry chef creates small and large works of art. The petit fours are so delicate and the wedding cake so impressive that you almost don't want to sink your teeth into them. But when you do, the flavors make the next big impression. With fresh berries, acidity and sweetness, airy creams and crispy chocolate circles.


We make cakes for parties, meetings and much more, and we can also deliver them outside the house.

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