Questions and Answers about SpaStay at Kellers Park

Jesper Rais

Practical Information About Your Spa Stay at Kellers Park

There is access to our spa area from check-in to check-out, which can vary depending on the type of stay you have booked.

SpaDelight stays have check-in at 2pm, and other stays have check-in at 3pm.

If you have an overnight stay with breakfast, you are always welcome to purchase access to AquaSpa for DKK 350 per person per day.

If you wish to access AquaSpa before the normal check-in time, it is possible to check in earlier for an extra fee of DKK 100 per hour. Early check-in must be booked at least 2 days in advance. However, it is not possible to check in before 12:00 pm. If you wish to have a late check-out, it costs DKK 100 per hour for each room.

NOTE: We cannot guarantee the possibility of early check-in and late check-out during the summer. Please contact the hotel directly to inquire about availability for both.

For booking access to spa facilities, AquaSpa, SpaDay, and spa treatments without an overnight stay, please contact the reception at Comwell Kellers Park on tel.: (+45) 76 411 717. If you do not contact the hotel in advance, we cannot guarantee access.

We cannot guarantee availability in our spa if additional purchases are made upon arrival.

Children under the age of 12 are unfortunately not allowed access to our Aqua Spa or pool. Children between the ages of 12 and 16 are only allowed access when accompanied by an adult. If spa access is not included in your stay, access can be purchased at DKK 395 per person.

The AquaSpa and fitness centre are open from 7am-11pm.

When staying in our AquaSpa, it is at your own risk. Always wear the provided slippers when walking from your room to the spa area. The floor inside the spa area can be very wet, so please be careful on the slippery surface.

We recommend that bathrobes are hung on the hooks inside the spa area or locked in a locker.

Unfortunately, children under 12 years old are not allowed in our AquaSpa. There is no pool outside the spa area. Children between 12 and 16 years old are only allowed in the spa area when accompanied by an adult. Quiet behaviour is still required, and running is not allowed.

Bathrobes are allowed to be worn throughout the hotel - except in the restaurant. In the bar, you are welcome to wear bathrobes until 5pm.

In our bar, you can order drinks to take to your room or to the AquaSpa. In the spa area, it will be served in plastic cups.

If you wish to access our spa facilities without an overnight stay, you can purchase access to the spa for DKK 495 per person from Monday to Friday between 10am-6pm.

To book access to the spa facilities, AquaSpa, SpaDay, and spa treatments without an overnight stay, please contact the reception at Comwell Kellers Park at (+45) 76 411 717. If you do not contact the hotel in advance, we cannot guarantee availability.

Our spa package includes one pair of slippers, loan of a bathrobe, towels, and access to AquaSpa. For our other packages, access to the spa can be purchased for DKK 395 per person per day. Our guests will receive slippers and bathrobes during weekdays at check-in at the reception. Replacing a bathrobe will cost DKK 50.

Your confirmation will indicate which meals are included in your spa package. Selected drinks will be available in the spa area, unless otherwise stated, and there will be fruit and water available in the spa section.

At Comwell Kellers Park, you pay for your spa package upon departure from the hotel. If you are not a resident guest, all payments for access to the spa and treatments must be made at the hotel reception before the start of the treatment.

Treatments must be booked when you make your accommodation reservation.

If you want additional treatments, you can purchase them on the day if there are available spots. It is recommended that you reserve in advance, as treatments may be sold out on the day.

The minimum age requirement is 16 years old.

Your reservation of spa treatments is only valid once you receive an order confirmation.

If you have not purchased cancellation insurance, the following conditions apply:

Spa stays and treatments must be cancelled no later than 7 days prior to arrival. If you cancel less than 7 days prior to arrival, you will be charged 100% of the total price.

As a spa guest, it is natural to wear a bathrobe and slippers all day. However, regular clothing is required in our restaurants and bar after 5pm, unless you are only there to order a drink.

Remember to bring your own swimwear.

Hvis du har en behandling før check-in, vil du også have adgang til vores andre spafaciliteter.

Det er ikke muligt at benytte faciliteterne efter kl. 12:00 på afrejsedagen, medmindre du har en behandling eller har købt sen check ud.

The entire hotel is smoke-free, and smoking must therefore take place outdoors at our main entrance. E-cigarettes are not allowed either. Smoking is NOT allowed at the outdoor hot tubs. If this is violated, it will result in a fee of DKK 2,500.

Yes. If you are going to the spa area, our pools, or the sauna, you must follow the washing instructions in the changing rooms.

It's also a good idea to take a trip to the sauna or steam bath before a massage, but it's not a requirement.

Mobile phones are allowed to be used in the spa area, but they must not be disruptive to other guests and therefore must be on silent mode. However, this does not apply to our AquaSpas quiet area, where the use of mobile phones is not permitted.

Please note that computers and iPads are not allowed to be used in the spa and relaxation area.

If you use your mobile phone to take pictures to remember your stay, you are more than welcome to use the hashtag #mitcomwell when you post your picture on social media.