Jesper Rais

Spa News at Comwell Kellers Park

Spa experiences at Comwell Kellers Park

At Comwell Kellers Park, you can enjoy new and exciting spa experiences in our AquaSpa, including Denmark's first indoor sandy beach with light therapy.

Thermal Baths
In the thermal baths, we offer several different treatments throughout the day. Choose between a regular steam bath with aroma or book a treatment for our clay bath, Moroccan hammam, where both cold mist and warm rain are part of the experience. In the spa reception, you will find information about the day's experiences in the thermal baths.

The price is DKK 95 per person.

Experience Pool
Walk through our experience pool, "Shower Walk," and let yourself be flooded with warm tropical rain to the sound of paradise birds in amber-colored light, and continue to be showered with cold rain to the sound of a cool stream in green light. Continue to a warm summer storm with the sound of thunder and red hues and finish with a cold mist and the sound of a sea breeze in a bluish glow.

In the shower area, you can also rinse yourself under regular showers or be doused with ice-cold water from our bucket in the ceiling.

Foot Treatment
Enjoy the beautiful view of Vejle Fjord from our comfortable foot baths. In the spa reception, you can buy delicious foot bath products with instructions for use in the foot bath.

Indoor Beach Spa

Sandy Beach With Light Therapy
Here you can experience a 30-minute total experience of calm and well-being on heated sand with a light treatment that energizes the body. Lie down on a towel and let yourself be carried away by the sound of waves by the sea and the scent of summer, while the sun slowly rises to finally set on the horizon.

Other Spa Facilities

In our AquaSpa, you can also enjoy:

  • A quiet and relaxing time on the heated benches

  • Outdoor hot tubs with beautiful views of Vejle Fjord

  • Large indoor pool

  • Hot and cold water pool