Revolutionary Cupping Massage

Jesper Rais

Cupping Massage

It is no wonder that cupping massage has become such a huge hit in modern skin care. The results achieved with the cupping technique are simply amazing!

Cupping is a form of treatment that dates back thousands of years - some believe the technique was invented in Asia, and others believe it was invented by the ancient Egyptians. Regardless of origin, one thing is for sure: Cupping is an effective technique for everything from relieving muscle tension to boosting the skin - also known as a cosmetic massage.

Get the Treatment in Our Spa

Now you can get the popular cupping massage at Comwell Kellers Park, where our trained spa therapists use the latest technique. Aroma Cupping by Myrberg™ is our new signature treatment that combines stimulation of acupressure points, a relaxing cupping massage, and aromatherapy.

We use suction cups from Acu Cups to stimulate your skin, connective tissue, and muscles, and the results speak for themselves. Read more about the treatment below.

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Full Body Massage
Jesper Rais
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Full Body Massage
You start your treatment with a unique and deep connective tissue massage for your entire body. We use Myrberg's aromatic oils, which consist of 100% natural and vegan ingredients. Choose the theme that best matches your needs.

You can choose between detox, relax, energy and ground.
Jesper Rais
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Facial Massage
On your face, we perform face cupping with facial lifting, which is ideal for increasing blood circulation, reducing lines, improving the production of elastin and collagen, and reducing edema and toxin elimination.

You will finish the treatment with a Natural Remedy shot, which is a power supplement for your skin with collagen, berries, and seaweed that nourish and strengthen the skin.

100% BPA Free and Certified

Jesper Rais

For your cupping massage, we use the elegant Acu Cups. They are made of 100% silicone, which is completely BPA-free. In addition, Acu Cups are FDA, ROHS, LFGB and REACH certified. 

The benefits of cupping are many:

  • Increases blood circulation 

  • Reduces wrinkles 

  • Japanese lifting and face lifting effect 

  • Connective tissue massage helps to remove cellulite 

  • Treatment of edema and excretion of toxins 

  • Relieves muscle tension in the body and can help cure headaches 

  • Treatment of miosis

Choose Your Treatment
Jesper Rais
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100% essential oils from Juniper and Grapefruit.

Juniper berries stimulate the body's cleansing processes and are diuretic, stimulating the lymphatic system. Good for fighting cold hands and feet, lower back pain and edema. Juniper also is known to strengthen your willpower.

Grapes stimulate digestion and are generally considered cleansing and detoxifying. Stimulating your lymphatic circulation (diuretic) can therefore be useful in cases of oedema.

Good for people with sore muscles, cold hands or swollen legs.
Jesper Rais
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100% essential oils from Lavender and Rosemary.

Lavender is the "universal oil" that is effective in combating muscle pain, headache, cellulite, damaged skin and trouble sleeping. It stabilizes both the heart and nervous system.

Rosemary is a pain reliever for muscle pain, nerve pain and rheumatic soreness. Stimulates and relieves physical and mental fatigue and difficulty concentrating.

Good for people who are stressed, sleep poorly or suffer from tense muscles.
Jesper Rais
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100% essential oils from Orange and Petitgrain.

Orange is good for stabilizing emotions, such as anger and frustration, which can contribute to tense jaws, headaches etc. Orange is also good when experiencing depression and sadness.

Petitgrain is oil from pomeranian leaves. Refreshing and mildly antiseptic on oily and impure skin, but also suitable for dry skin as the oil balances the skin's sebum production.

Good for people who are tired, have heavy thoughts, or digestive problems or are feeling stressed.
Jesper Rais
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100% essential oils from Lemongrass and Peppermint.

Lemongrass has a calming effect on the nervous system. It refreshes, tightens and reduces puffiness. Antifungal effect and is an antioxidant.

Peppermint opens the airways, is good for combating digestive problems, and it balances and reduces heaviness in the body.

Good for people who have intense cravings for sweets, too many worries or hormonal imbalances.