Environmentally certified textiles

Environmentally certified textiles

At Comwell, we set high standards for ourselves in offering sustainable hotel stays. That is why we have chosen to rent and have our bed linen, towels, and bath mats washed by Elis, which in 2019 became world goal certified as the first company in the world. All textiles are, of course, environmentally certified and produced responsibly with low consumption of chemicals and harmful substances.

Swan-labeled wash

Our textiles are washed at Elis' environmentally optimized laundry, where the entire washing process meets Swan-labeled requirements for continuously reducing water, energy, and chemical consumption. All Elis drivers are trained in environmentally friendly driving and transport textiles in trucks equipped with new Euro-norm particle filters. Elis' long-term goal is to become the world's first "waterless laundry" that can wash with rainwater or recycled water.

Our collaboration with Comwell is driven by a shared vision of making hotel stays sustainable – among other things, we have developed an environmentally and socially responsible collection of duvet and pillow covers exclusively for Comwell.

Our World Goal certification, Swan certification, and other certifications in areas such as occupational health and safety, environment, and social responsibility ensure that we constantly raise sustainability standards for our textile and laundry solutions.

We have set goals such as recycling 100% of our textile waste and having 100% green transport by 2030

CSR-manager, Elis, Louise Elver

Facts about environmental labels for textiles

All bedding, towels, and bath mats that we rent from Elis have at least one of these environmental labels:

  • OEKO-TEX (STANDARD 100): The world's leading label for textiles tested for harmful substances for health and the environment.

  • GOTS: The Global Organic Textile Standard is internationally recognized as the leading certification standard for organic textile fibers.

  • Better Cotton: Better Cotton Initiative is a non-profit organization that ensures decent working conditions and rights for cotton farmers. BCI farmers are trained to cultivate the land with responsible use of water and minimal use of pesticides, protecting soil health and natural habitats.

  • EU Ecolabel: The official European environmental label established by the European Commission. The environmental label requires, among other things, the consumption and emissions of chemicals during the processing and production of textiles.

  • Fairtrade: An international labeling scheme that ensures farmers and workers in some of the world's poorest countries get a fair income and better working conditions.

Facts - Elis in general in 2021

Total of 53.95 million kg of washed textiles.

After the textiles were discarded (due to wear and tear, fading, etc.), 29% of them were given new life through upcycling partners and other projects (Elis' ambition is 100% recycling by 2030)

From 2008-2018, Elis' laundries reduced gas consumption by 26.55% and electricity consumption by 10.47% due to our continuous energy optimization efforts.