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Comwell Aarhus restaurant fest bar mad middag restaurant

Restaurant & Events at Comwell

Host Your Event At Comwell

When you choose to host your special event at Comwell, we ensure that you and your guests have a great experience with unparalleled service. Our hotels and venues all have their own unique expression, and the possibilities are many - both indoors and outdoors in beautiful nature. Contact the hotel directly to learn more about the possibilities and have a conversation with our skilled event coordinators.

All hotels have access to parking, delicious restaurants, and beautiful banquet halls that can be arranged according to your needs and the number of guests. Our chefs compose a sustainable and organic menu based on your wishes, and we naturally offer overnight stays in connection with the party, so you don't have to worry about transportation home.

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At selected hotels, you can even experience what your next party could look like. This happens at our popular open house events.

About open house events

Taste Of The Nordic Region

We have hotels and venues located in both Denmark and Sweden, each characterized by its unique charm and location. This is also reflected in the food served in our hotel restaurants and bars, as well as at all events. See our many hotels here.

Our chefs focus on delicious food, prepared with a special passion for ecology. We prioritize local seasonal ingredients, as we believe it provides the best taste experience and quality. Therefore, in all of our restaurants, you can enjoy the "taste of the Nordics" in gastronomy at a high level.

For your event - whether it's a wedding, confirmation, birthday, reception, or a party for your company - we create a healthy and delicious party menu with the option of an accompanying wine menu. You decide whether it should be a big buffet, finger food, set menus, or gourmet dishes ordered directly from our menu. Should the menu be vegan or vegetarian, or do you need to accommodate special allergies? Then we can take care of that too - at Comwell, we are happy to meet your wishes and needs.

For overnight stays, we also provide brunch or breakfast the day after your event.

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Our Recommended Restaurants
Comwell Borupgaard
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Restaurant Linden

At Comwell Borupgaard in Snekkersten, the well-being of guests is the focus. The same applies to Restaurant Linden, where we create culinary experiences through good craftsmanship and the use of fresh seasonal ingredients.

Restaurant Linden exudes a relaxing atmosphere, with plenty of light and a special intimacy. When weather permits, you can enjoy your food on our large outdoor terrace.
Comwell Kongebrogaarden
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Restaurant Dannebro

At Restaurant Dannebro at Comwell Kongebrogaarden in Middelfart, we like to play, try new things, and add a bit of attitude to our food. We are surrounded by the most beautiful park, so naturally our food is inspired by it and all the deliciousness that Funen has to offer.

That's why the kitchen swears by animals, birds, and fish that have lived the wildlife and have had the taste of Funen added to them.
Comwell Kellers Park
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Restaurant Kellers Park

At Comwell Kellers Park near Vejle, you will find a restaurant with high gastronomic standards and an international atmosphere, where the open kitchen invites a relaxed atmosphere. Here you can enjoy the view of Vejle Fjord and just let yourself be pampered.
Comwell Hvide Hus Aalborg
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Restaurant Vesterbro

At Restaurant Vesterbro at Comwell Hvide Hus in Aalborg, we offer classic dishes with a twist. The kitchen is dominated by Nordic style, and we serve dishes from our à la carte menu based on the current seasons. Our head chef swears by a strong, organic profile and mostly uses local ingredients.
Comwell Holte
Comwell Holte Restaurant Brasserie
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Restaurant Brasseriet

Restaurant Brasserie at Comwell Holte is unique with its location by the beautiful Vaserne and Rude Forest. Here, you can expect a dining experience beyond the ordinary. In the restaurant, you can follow the chefs' preparations in the large open kitchen, where all the food is prepared from scratch.

There is a relaxed atmosphere here, with room for both groups and intimate dinners.

We Serve Sustainability On Your Plate

Enjoy your food with a clear conscience at Comwell, where we care for people and the environment in everything we do. We use local and seasonal ingredients and focus on the green kitchen and climate impact. All our hotels have been awarded the Bronze Organic Cuisine Label, and our talented chefs are committed to our REFOOD certification. This applies to both our lunch buffet and our party food.

When we set the table for parties in our restaurants, we pay particular attention to:

  • Offering organic beverages

  • Prioritizing the use of biodegradable disposable tableware

  • Ensuring environmentally friendly washing of tablecloths, fabric napkins, etc.

We do all this because we want to be a better version of ourselves. We call it Comwell Care.

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Earn Points On Your Party

Did you know that you can earn Comwell Club points at your party at Comwell?

As a Comwell Club member, you have many benefits. One of them is that you earn 5% of the total amount on the invoice as club points when you hold a private party at our hotels. You can use your club points as payment for future stays with us and thus reduce your price.

In addition, as a new Comwell Club member, you are also included in the monthly competition for a gift card of DKK 1,000,- for all Danish Comwell hotels.

Best of all? Comwell Club is completely free.

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Event Venues All Over Denmark

Comwell Kolding restaurant

Zealand, Funen, and Jutland – no matter where you are in Denmark and want to host a gathering or staff party, we have exciting facilities for every budget. Our hotels and venues are spread out across the country, from North Zealand and Copenhagen to Odense, Kolding, Vejle, and Aarhus, to Aalborg in Northern Jutland.

Each hotel has its unique location and ideal setting, whether you dream of a romantic beach wedding, a small informal winter wedding in the forest, a confirmation party in confirmation rooms with sea views, or a company event with opportunities for activities in nature and walks on the beach. You are always welcome to decorate your banquet hall according to the theme, whether it is unconventional or classic.

If you or your guests come from far away, it is possible to arrange accommodation for everyone. That way, you avoid having to worry about how to get home when the event is over. The morning after, Comwell offers a large breakfast buffet, so you can round off the party in a cozy and relaxed way.

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Get Help With Party Planning

If you need help planning your company Christmas party, a family celebration, your birthday party, or any other celebration, you can safely let one of our skilled and experienced event coordinators help you. We take care of all the practicalities, so all you have to do is enjoy your guests and the day.

Our event coordinators have extensive experience in making sure your event is exactly as you want it - whether it's a christening, dinner party, non-confirmation, anniversary, silver wedding, maybe even a golden or diamond wedding - or something completely different that needs to be celebrated.

With an attached party planner, we create the framework for your party based on your wishes, whether they point towards a modern party, a traditional party, or an unconventional and alternative party. Based on your wishes and needs, we come up with ideas for party games, entertainment, decorations for the venue, DJ and other music, bartender, and much more. We also ensure that your party venue meets your wishes in terms of table and chair arrangement, table decorations, table setting, and flower arrangements.

Let our skilled event coordinators help you with your next party - and enjoy a well-planned party without stress.

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