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Comwell a-s' processing of personal data

When a company enters into a partnership agreement with Comwell a-s (hereafter Comwell), Comwell, as a data controller, collects and processes several personal data. This includes collecting and processing personal information about relevant contact persons at the company as well as the individuals who use one or more of Comwell's services in connection with the partnership agreement.

The following briefly describes how Comwell, as a data controller, processes personal data. If you would like to read more about Comwell's handling of personal data, you can find Comwell's privacy policy here.

Comwell's Privacy Policy

The personal data processed by Comwell includes, among other things, the following:

  • Name, address, telephone number, email address, and date of birth

  • Credit card information and purchase history

  • Use of Comwell Club and feedback from our guests

  • Disability, allergy, and special dietary preferences

The purpose of the collection may include one or more of the following:

  • Processing of your reservations and purchases

  • Contacting you before, during, or after your stay

  • Improving and developing Comwell's services

  • Customizing Comwell's communication and marketing to you.

The processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are a party or for taking steps at your request before entering into a contract, for establishing or defending a legal claim, or for Comwell to pursue a legitimate interest.

The storage of your personal information takes place under safe and secure conditions where all necessary organizational and technical measures to support security have been taken.

Following the General Data Protection Regulation, you have several rights.

The rights are as follows:

  • You have the right to access the personal information Comwell processes about you.

  • You have the right to have the personal information that Comwell has registered about you corrected and updated.

  • You have the right to have the personal information that Comwell has registered about you deleted.

  • If the processing of personal information is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent.

Comwell deletes your information when there is no longer a legitimate need for continued storage of the information. Here, Comwell takes into account, among other things, deadlines in legislation such as the Bookkeeping Act.

Information obligation for group reservations

When Comwell receives personal information from a third party, for example, in connection with a group reservation, the person responsible for the group and/or reservation is required to inform the involved guests about Comwell's terms and conditions as well as Comwell's privacy policy.

Opbevaringen af dine personoplysninger sker under forsvarlige og trygge forhold, hvor alle nødvendige og sikkerhedsunderstøttende organisatoriske som tekniske foranstaltninger er foretaget.