Comwell Club Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Comwell Club

1. General provisions regarding membership of Comwell Club

1.1 Membership of Comwell Club is governed by these terms and conditions, and it is the member's responsibility to read and understand these terms and conditions, including any changes thereto. These terms and conditions replace all previous terms and conditions applicable to Comwell's previous loyalty programs, including the Comwell First Club.

1.2 The minimum age for membership in Comwell Club is 18 years. Membership is a contractual agreement between Comwell A/S (hereinafter referred to as "Comwell") and you personally (hereinafter referred to as "the member"). Membership cannot be issued to companies or other legal entities. Membership is personal. Only one person can be registered per membership. Only one member per checked-in room can earn and redeem points.

1.3 The member undertakes to ensure that no unauthorized persons have access to the member's information, and it is the member's responsibility to keep his/her information updated and up to date.

1.4 Comwell Club is valid until further notice, and Comwell reserves the right to terminate Comwell Club with six months' notice to the member.

1.5 Comwell reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of Comwell Club by giving notice thereof to the member either via Comwell's website, via email, telephone, or ordinary mail.

1.6 Comwell reserves the right to terminate the membership of Comwell Club at its discretion, and such termination may result in the loss of points if the membership defaults. Such default may consist of gross or disrespectful behavior towards Comwell, criminal acts or acts that are generally perceived as immoral or unethical, or that constitute a breach of these terms and conditions. This includes Comwell's right to terminate membership for all forms of fraud, such as if a member creates multiple profiles to earn points for themselves. The member may terminate his/her membership at any time at comwell.com/club.

1.7 It is the member's responsibility to inform his/her employer in advance and obtain the employer's prior consent if such consent is required if the member expects to earn points in Comwell Club based on overnight stays that are to be paid by the employer. Comwell cannot be held responsible for the member's failure to inform his/her employer thereof or the member's failure to obtain the employer's prior consent.

1.9 If points earned in the course of work are used for private purposes by the member, such use may be taxable. The member must inform the relevant authorities or employer thereof and pay all taxes and fees to which such use is subject. Comwell disclaims all responsibility for the taxes or tax liabilities that the member incurs in this regard.

2. Earning points

How to earn points

2.1 To earn points, the member must provide relevant membership information when making a reservation.

2.2 Points can be earned from the date the member joins Comwell Club.

2.3 It is the member's responsibility to inform the hotel of their membership when booking, upon arrival, or departure. Points may take up to 3 days to register after departure.

2.4 For online bookings, the member must log in to Comwell Club using their email address and password.

2.5 Club points are not subject to currency conversion. 1 point is equivalent to DKK/SEK 1. As of 01-01-2023, it is no longer possible to earn club points or stamps at Comwell's Swedish hotels.

What you can earn points on

2.6 Members earn 5% in points on all purchases made in connection with an overnight stay at Comwell Hotels in Denmark.

2.7 When paying with points, points are only earned on the invoiced amount. In other words, points are earned on all cash purchases, purchases with credit cards, or gift cards issued by Comwell.

2.8 To earn points, all purchases must be tied to the room reservation. For example, purchases in the restaurant must be charged to the room.

2.9 Earned points can be deducted from the total bill at check-out.

2.10 It is possible to earn points on private events, even if there is no overnight stay included. However, this does not apply to a la carte orders. Party and banquet menus must be ordered in advance. Private events refer to birthdays, weddings, etc., where the event organizer personally settles the bill.

2.11 Points can only be earned for one's room and consumption when members stay overnight in connection with a business trip paid for by the company but billed individually.

What you cannot earn points on

2.12 Points cannot be earned on parties hosted and/or paid for by companies, e.g., Christmas parties.

2.13 Points can only be earned by one Comwell membership for one room per night.

2.14 Comwell points earned by a member cannot be combined with or transferred to other Comwell member accounts. Points cannot be sold, transferred, or otherwise exchanged for cash.

2.15 Members can access their account information on the Club page: www.comwellclub.dk

2.16 Comwell Club points are not earned on meeting and conference stays. However, individual participants can earn points on personal consumption during the meeting, conferences, or other company events. Personal consumption must be charged to the member's bill to earn points.

2.17 Points are only earned on stays booked directly with Comwell. Stays purchased through other travel agencies than Comwell do not earn points. If your booking was made through Hotels.com, Expedia, Sembo, DTF, or similar, you will not receive points for this. Points cannot be used in connection with stays booked through third-party channels. Points are not earned at Comwell's Swedish hotels.

2.18 Points cannot be earned with gift cards that are not issued by Comwell. These include Smartbox, Gavekortet. dk, experience gifts, etc.

Missing points and point validity

2.19 If a member does not believe they have received points for their stay, they should use the contact form found in the left column of all club pages and send a message to Comwell's Club coordinator. The request must be received by the Comwell Club coordinator no later than three months from the date of the stay.

2.20 Saved points are valid in the current calendar year as well as for 36 months from the date of accrual. Points always expire on March 1st. When using your earned points, we always deduct the ones earned first. It is the member's responsibility to stay updated on when points expire. Comwell Club will send a minimum of one annual email with information on when points expire to members who have points expiring in the current year.

3. Use of points

3.1 Points in Comwell Club can be used for full or partial payment of services that include accommodation at Comwell, such as accommodation with dinner or accommodation and drinks at the bar.

3.2 Points cannot be used for payment without accommodation. For example, day stays such as day spa, purchase of products at Comwellshop.dk or the hotels, treatments, dinner without accommodation, etc.

3.3 Points cannot be used as payment for no-shows/cancellations and non-refundable stays. It will always be stated in the description of a stay if it is non-refundable.

3.4 Points earned during a stay cannot be used for payment on the same stay.

3.5 Club points can be used to pay for private events.

3.6 Stays at our Swedish hotels are prepaid at booking. Therefore, it is not possible to settle the payment with Club points. However, Club points can be used as payment for add-ons in connection with a stay in Sweden. Points can be used at Comwell's Swedish hotels until May 1, 2023. After that, points can only be used at Comwell's Danish hotels.

3.7 Comwell can, at its discretion, change the point structure at any time.

4. Earning stamps and bonus nights

4.1 Stamps are earned on bookings made directly with Comwell, either through comwell.com, by phone, or via a corporate travel agency (GDS). Stamps can only be earned at Comwell's Danish hotels.

4.2 To earn stamps, the member must provide their membership information when making a reservation.

4.3 A member can earn a maximum of one stamp per day, regardless of the number of rooms booked.

4.4 The stamp is awarded to the member after check-out.

4.5 When a member has earned 8 stamps, a bonus night is awarded.

What you cannot earn stamps on

4.6 Overnight stays in connection with conferences/meetings, unless the member pays for the overnight stay themselves. It is the member's responsibility to provide relevant membership information when making a reservation and payment.

4.7 No new stamps can be earned when a member redeems a bonus night for an overnight stay.

4.8 Stamps are only earned on stays booked directly with Comwell as per point 4.1. This means that stays booked through other travel agencies, such as Hotels.com, Expedia, Sembo, DTF, or similar, do not earn stamps. As of 01-01-2023, no stamps can be earned at Comwell's Swedish hotels.

4.9 Comwell stamps earned by a member cannot be combined with or transferred to other Comwell member accounts. Stamps cannot be sold, transferred, or exchanged for cash.

Missing stamps/bonus nights and validity of stamps/bonus nights

4.10 If a member believes that they have not received stamps or a bonus night for their overnight stays, they should use the contact form on comwell.com to contact Comwell Club customer service. The request must be received by Comwell Club no later than three months from the date of the overnight stay.

4.11 Stamps expire after 12 months from the date of earning unless a new stamp is earned within the validity period of the previous stamp. In this case, the expiry date of the newest stamp will be valid for all previous stamps.

4.12 Bonus nights have a validity period of 12 months from the date of earning.

4.13 The validity period for stamps and bonus nights cannot be changed or extended. It is the member's responsibility to keep track of the validity and expiration dates of their stamps and bonus nights.

5. Use of bonus night

5.1 Earned bonus nights will appear in the member's Comwell Club profile.

5.2 A bonus night cannot be redeemed before it appears in the member's Comwell Club profile.

5.3 The bonus night consists of one night's stay for two people in a shared double room including a breakfast buffet.

5.4 The bonus night can be redeemed at all of Comwell's Danish hotels. There may be limited availability on the desired arrival date. The bonus night can be used at Comwell's Swedish hotels until May 1, 2023. After that, the bonus night can only be used at Comwell's Danish hotels.

5.5 The bonus night must be booked online through the member's Comwell Club profile.

5.6 The member must present the unique voucher code, which is stated on the member's Comwell Club profile, at check-in.

5.7 If the voucher code is not presented and cannot be shown, the guest will be invoiced for the current room rate.

5.8 One booking must be made per earned bonus night.

5.9 Cancellation of a bonus night stay must be made no later than 4 pm on the day of arrival. If the stay is not canceled on time, the bonus night will be automatically redeemed, and the bonus night will not be replaced.

6. Use of personal data

6.1 The member accepts and gives consent to Comwell's registration and processing of personal data relating to the member's participation in Comwell Club by applicable law and these terms and conditions. The personal data recorded will be processed and stored solely for the purpose of informing about offers from Comwell Club and administering membership and the earned Comwell points. Any other purpose requires further and express consent from the member.

6.2 Comwell A/S is responsible for the protection of personal data. Members of the Comwell Club have the right to obtain information about which data has been recorded about their person at Comwell by submitting a written and personally signed request to Comwell. Members also have the right to demand that Comwell corrects or removes any data regarding the member that is incorrect or incomplete. Furthermore, members can terminate their membership in Comwell Club at any time via comwell.com/club.

6.3 Customer data in Comwell Club is automatically deleted after 5 years of inactivity by the customer, as we then assess the current customer as inactive about Comwell's services. This is based on the typical frequency of using hotel services in Denmark. It is then no longer relevant to continue storing this data. We delete this data so as not to unnecessarily retain customer data that is not current. After the expiration of the 5 years, however, we ask the customer if they still wish to be active in our system.

6.4 For further information, see Comwell Hotels Privacy Policy.

7. Other terms

7.1 These terms and conditions are governed by and shall be construed by Danish law, except for mandatory provisions applicable under the legislation of other countries. Disputes arising from or in connection with Comwell Club shall be decided exclusively by the Danish courts.

7.2 A person is considered a new member if they have not been a member for at least 12 months.

7.3 Points are automatically credited after the stay. It may take up to three days for the points to appear on the member's account. If you have not received your points, please contact the Comwell Club administrator no later than three months after your stay.

7.4 Points cannot be paid out and cannot be used to purchase gift cards.

7.5 Gift cards are valid for all Danish hotels. Only one gift card can be used as payment per event.

7.6 Comwell reserves the right to adjust a member's points if there are technical errors, system errors, or personal errors that result in the member receiving fewer or more points than they are entitled to.

7.7 If a person is registered via a recommendation from another member by accepting the sent recommendation, membership cannot be canceled until 3 months after the registration date.