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Comwell Comeback

Why risk changes when you can have fixed terms and 100% security?

We know from experience that recurring meetings and events require careful planning and a sense of security for successful execution. That's why we offer special benefits to our loyal corporate customers who sign a 2-year contract with us.

Get access to ALL the benefits with a Comwell Comeback agreement:

  • Reduced price on events - we freeze the prices for two years

  • Denmark's best cancellation terms

  • Your own personal conference host or hostess

  • Your agreement applies to all hotels, making it incredibly flexible for you with meeting needs in both East and West Denmark

  • Tailored benefits at no extra cost - such as additional rooms for tracks/workshops or other needs specific to your event

We listen to your needs, so don't hesitate to reach out to us - we're always open for a chat.

Comwell Comeback covers the entire country

Our meeting and conference hotels offer great flexibility and have everything you need for your meeting.

We can host your annual and general meetings, exhibitions, and congresses with space for up to 3000 people. We can transform our facilities into training centers or classrooms - only your imagination sets the limits.

We offer bright meeting and conference facilities on Zealand, Funen, and Jutland located centrally in the country, close to airports and stations, near the beach, and in beautiful nature.

With a Comwell Comeback agreement, you can freely choose among our 15 hotels around the country, and you can switch between East/West or simply choose a fixed hotel.


Would you like to know more about Comwell Comeback?
So contact our dedicated specialist for a non-committal conversation:

Berith Juel Andersen
Key Account Manager
Comwell Hotels

Phone: 27 24 27 26
Email: ban@comwell.com