Gift Card Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Ordering Gift Cards

When you order a gift card from us, we will store the order information. You can view your order information on the screen as well as on the order confirmation sent to your email address. It is not possible to access the order confirmation later on our website. If you wish to receive a new copy of the order confirmation by email, please send an email to


Payment on is made through DIBS - Denmark's leading provider of payment transaction handling systems.

All communication is encrypted and certified by PBS.

You can pay with the following payment methods on Dankort, VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro, and MasterCard.

The data you provide when purchasing with a payment card is encrypted (SSL), and therefore only PBS can read it. Neither Comwell a-s nor anyone else can read the data.

The amount for the gift card is only charged when the gift card is sent from Comwell a-s. A larger amount than what you have approved for the purchase can never be charged.

Delivery Terms

Gift cards are delivered by email as a PDF file.

Cancellation Policy

If you regret the purchase of a gift card, it can be returned to us within 14 days of receiving the gift card. We will then refund the money to your account. Send the gift card to:

Comwell a-s Bomhusvej 13 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Remember to attach the order confirmation you received by email. Shipping costs incurred for returning a gift card are covered by the customer.