Opens January 2023

Welcome to Comwell Bygholm Park

Comwell Bygholm Park is the perfect merge between historic traditions and modern life.

Experience a very unique hotel that has formerly belonged to the Danish Crown, been the a gathering place for nobel families and land owners. The dramatic ups and downs throughout the centuries at the Bygholm Park manor house have been far from boring.

The modern Bygholm Park

In 1918, there was a complete turnaround for the manor house with a change of ownership to the Danish municipality. This might sound insignificant compared to the power struggles and showdowns between wealthy noble families back in the days. However, this ownership change meant that the beautiful Bygholm Park is now open for the public to enjoy.

Wedding or congress?

Byghom Park hotel is the place where anything from national meetings to lovebirds saying their ”I do’s”, takes place. The hotel is blessed with the most estravagant nature sorroundings enjoyed by everyone, in a multitude of occasions. 

Bookings in 2023

If you want to book a hotel stay, meeting or conference from 1st of January 2023, contact Comwell Central Reservations:

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At Comwell, we are looking forward to welcoming all guests from January, 2023.