Amazing company parties by the King's castle in Kolding

About company parties at Comwell Kolding

Kolding, South Jutland 

Max number of guests

Number of rooms

Envelope price from: DKK 975, - for the full package including welcome drink and free bar

Bonus info
400 parking spaces. Rogue room with darts, pool and table football in the basement  


Comwell Kolding: The perfect venue for company parties 

Nature doing its thing! And the decor works wonders. With a decorator's skilled hand, matching colors and lots of beautiful design furniture, the stage is set for a company party with WOW and KAPOW. 

We offer a variety of party rooms, including our large restaurant with a view of the fjord and the forest. The party room is recently renovated and can be adjusted to both larger and smaller events, as needed. There is direct access to our large terrace right next to the forest and stunning nature view.

Outside, you find cozy furniture and an intimate atmosphere. After the sun sets, enjoy the sight of small fire pits, lanterns and torches. 

All party rooms at Comwell Kolding are styled in a true Scandinavian atmosphere - tastefully and classically decorated. And one of the rooms has direct access to our downstairs lounge with dart, pool and football table. In other words, the perfect party spot! 

Despite our large house, you will face a very intimate atmosphere. Our hotel is described by guests as cozy, and major credit to our amazing staff, who add that extra element of homieness and charm. 

But first, party planning

Once you found the date and the purpose of the company party, feel free to reach out and schedule a meeting with us. We strongly recommend that you stop by and let us walk you trough the many possibilities and the full party potential. 

We also urge you to meet our restaurant manager in person, who'll present our menu suggestions for you to take home. Looking for something very specific when it comes to catering? We'll do our very best to match your wishes!

Decoration means the world

Our party rooms are beautiful no doubt but the perfect decoration definitely make them even more alluring. Let your ideas run wild!! Not feeling creative? Not a problem. With our many, many years of experience, we can honestly say we are masters of magic and transformation!

Elephants and flying executives?
Just to give you an idea, we have hosted everything from street food themes with food stalls, had a festival of 400 people partying around our house with different music themes in each room - true festival vibe and the food to match of course! Yes, we have even cannonballed an executive director from the ceiling James Bond style, had elephants and cars on stage. Think we're joking? Nope! And should you crave a smoke and confetti theme, we also have your back.


Company party in the kitchen

The good parties always end in the kitchen, right? With us it's the other way around though - our parties start at the heart of our kitchen, and you're in for a treat! 

Our kitchen is known for a high, gastronomic level and our wonderful chefs, led by head chef Torben and deputy head Ninna, who manage our kitchen in a warm and humorous manner. They have a mantra of enthusiasm, creativity and curiosity in their cooking, which definitely shows in their heavenly. And, not least, solid experience. Experience is absolutely crucial when, like us, you cook for many people. It's something completely different than cooking for two. We know what works and guarantee that everyone gets hot food at the same time. The lever in our kitchen is sustainability. We get our meat from Troels at Grambogaard and all other ingredients are local or at least not sourced further away than Denmark. For that with strawberries in January, it just does not work. You can have the food served exactly as you want it. ‘Traditional’ plate serving with 4-5 dishes, the popular shared food on plates which gives a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere at the tables or street food. Nothing is impossible.  

Out and home from company party 

Comwell Kolding is centrally located in the city (and the country) and is easy to get to and from, both by public transport from Kolding station and by car. And then hold a company party, where you can meet on Monday and say: Now have a party, a party!  

The icing on the cake

Teambuilding before company party 

With Comwell Kolding's unique location, you have an abundance of opportunities for activities "in the wild", e.g. for team building and physical activities that hit all muscle groups - and most importantly: The laughter muscles! The fjord in our backyard is optimal for sailing (or maybe something even crazier for the company's dare devils), and GPS races are all over our surrounding forest. 

After a fun, thoughtful and educational day with professional presentations or an activity like team building, your team mates can go to their rooms, and get ready and dressed to party.

Unique opportunities for guided tours in Kolding 

During company events like for instance kick offs, many guests have some time off and what better opportunity to enjoy a guided tour in the local area.

Did you know that Kolding has the first authorized (and most award-winning) wineyard in Denmark? Skærsøgaard is located in a valley in the inner Kolding Fjord, and produces beautiful, sparkling quality wines. Here your employees can visit the winemaker, Sven, and his farm; tasting the pride and joy of the place, DONS, named after the location of the farm. 

A guidede tour could also be headed for "Trolden Distillery and Brewery". Experience tastings of the brewmaster's beer, gin or Single Malt; handmade and brewed according to the good old methods. 

Another popular destination is what we like to call ‘the Jutland Louisiana’, our beautiful art museum, Trapholt, located by Kolding Fjord. Or how about treating your crew to some wellness (before the party and "Comwellness") at Queen Dorothea's Sauna.