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Sports activities at Comwell Sport


Unique facilities for an active holiday

Comwell Rebild Bakker is located in the middle of one of Denmark's most amazing natural areas. This provides completely unique opportunities for an active holiday, you won't find many other places in Denmark.

Ride our mountain bikes on the coolest singletracks, race in the most beautiful nature, swim in the open lake or combine and organize your own triathlon. You can also wander in the hills or just go for a quiet evening and enjoy nature. The possibilities are many and for every taste.

Team training and fitness at Rebild Bakker


Mountain bike in Rold Forest

Experience one of the best mountain biking terrain in Denmark. Rold Skov is a mountain bike mecca for MTB riders, and here you can find different difficulty levels and distances in a very varied terrain. "The Great Rold Forest Route" is part of the "10 Spirits" in Denmark, which are 10 specially selected routes, all of which are publicly available.


Running and hiking

Rebild Bakker and Rold Forest are ideal for running or just a good hike in the beautiful scenery. Try an orientation course alone or together with friends and family.

Comwell Sport organizes weekends several times a year with some of the most talented running instructors in Denmark - See the planned events of the year here. 


Bicycle for all levels

Right outside our hotel we have some of Denmark's best areas for roads and hills. The many cycling routes offer exceptional possibilities, whether you are a beginner or a professional cyclist. You can borrow a route card at the reception and rent a GPS with landings: 13, 25, 44, 50, 75, 80, 100 km.

Several times annually, we arrange theme weekends with special focus on optimizing your experience on a country road bike. This is done in cooperation with renowned cyclists and bicycle experts. - See the planned events of the year here.


Swimming in the ocean or pool

You can use the hotel's pool area for swimming, but why not try swimming in a real forest with measurements and maps. You can of course borrow wet suits at the hotel. The beautiful bathing lake St. Øksø is open during the summer months. Combined with the 1.8 km. Long marked swim route there are good opportunities for training of, among other things, triathlons.


Other activities in the area

We have several local partners who also offer exciting activities in our beautiful area.

  • Rebild Porten (eksternt link) - Read about activities in Rebild
  • Rebild Canoe Rental (eksternt link) - take a beautiful canoe trip on Lindenborg lake (booking no later than 24 hours before)
  • Bjerg & Søbye (eksternt link) - Course and consultancy that works with all aspects of organizational development.
  • Rold Skov Adventure (eksternt link) - teambuilding, activities and experiences for companies, institutions and private individuals.


Træningsfaciliteter på Comwell Rebild Bakker

Membership if you live in the area

If you live in the area, you can get a membership and join our daily team training, go to the gym or take a dip in the pool. You can get the following memberships:

  • 6 month's card kr. 1200,00
  • 3 month's card kr. 750,00
  • 1 month's card kr. 375,00
  • 10-times card* kr. 375,00
  • Dayticket kr. 125,00

*10-times card: 1 clip per. activity per person

Loans / rental of bicycles as well as guided MTB tours are not included in the membership.

We note that the age limit for membership is 15 years.