Restaurant Bygholm

Restaurant Bygholm

Comwell Bygholm Park restaurant bar middag mad

Jesper Rais

Restaurant Bygholm

Take a seat in the cosy chairs and enjoy the view of Bygholm Park and lake. All the while, we prepare to spoil your taste buds with a menu that has been put together with a focus on seasonal ingredients, organic produce and a sense of good taste.

Naturally, we also have a large selection of delicious wines and other drinks to match the food.

Our menu changes regularly and here you can see what we offer during the period.

Á la carte menu

Valid Monday to Saturday. The restaurant is closed on Sundays.                         


Croquette of costal fish
Crisp fish croquette on a warm carrot purée, served with crudité of fennel, a dill sauce, and micro sprouts. 
DKK 95.-

Slow baked beets
Petit salat of baked beets, cress, gel from Bergamot lemons with a goats cheese crème dressed with a raspberry balsamic dressing 
DKK 95.-

Main courses

Entrecote of veal from Grambogaard
300 g Classic pepper steak with a green pepper sauce, ecological portobello mushroom, oven baked shallots and chunky fries.

Bygholm Burger
200 g of chopper beef from Grambogaard, served in a brioche bun with melted applewood cheddar, bacon mayonnaise, fresh salad, tomato, homemade pickled cucumber, and raw onion. Served with crispy fries, tarragon mayonnaise and ketchup.
DKK 189.- (Add bacon DKK 20.-)

Manors own Wienerschnitzel
made from veal with sauté of potatoes, peas, lemon horseradish and anchovy and served with a butter sauce.
DKK 225.-

Barley Risotto
with mushrooms, shallots, lemon, fresh herbs, and a rich cheese from the west coast of Denmark
DKK 185.-
(Add chicken breast from Rokkedahl DKK 85.- or cod from Denmark’s coast DKK 95,-)

Todays main course - Please ask the waiter
Each day our chef creates a main course from seasonally available ingredients.
DKK 210.-


Poached pears
Pear Belle Helene, A la Bygholm with hibiscus poached pear, white chocolate ganache and dark chocolate ice cream.
DKK 95.-

Fresh Fromage
Fresh Yogurt fromage with a red current coulis, lemon meringue and crystallized white chocolate.
DKK 95.-

Contact and information

Restaurant Bygholm
Schüttesvej 6
8700 Horsens

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday: 17.30-21.00

We are closed on Sundays.

Book a table
Phone (+45) 70 71 83 49