Restaurant at Klarskovgaard


Food with a view

At Comwell Klarskovgaard, our talented kitchen team is always ready with delicious dishes prepared from seasonal, fresh ingredients. The beautiful nature surrounding the hotel often reflects in the food that the kitchen prepares. Therefore, you can often find classic Danish dishes prepared and served with a twist, good fish, hearty salads, and homemade bread. The restaurant features beautiful long tables and views of stunning nature, forest, and water.


Information og Contact

Restaurant at Comwell Klarskovgaard
Korsør Lystskov 30
4220 Korsør

Opening Hours
The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday.

Sunday we close after breakfast.

Table Reservation 
Telefon +45 7216 2000

Comwell's food concept

Let's be honest, at Comwell, we love food, and a love of food is an essential part of our DNA. We explore, develop, and renew our culinary offerings, and our passionate colleagues do their best every day to ensure that Comwell's guests always can enjoy meals that are tasty and prepared with a focus on both taste and aesthetics.

High taste quality …
The ingredients are predominantly organic, and we prefer to source from skilled local producers. We do this because we know that the taste is at its best when the carrots have just been pulled up and the parsley has just been picked.

… and less food waste
Food waste is also an important issue for us. Therefore, we often serve food in small portion sizes, which is an effective way to reduce food waste. And if you're still hungry, you can always ask our servers for an extra serving. At the same time, we have increased the number of vegetables and use less, but better, meat.

We look forward to giving you a delicious experience.