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Cocktail menu

Cocktails, mocktails & gin

Please sit at our bar and enjoy a refreshing cocktail, specialty gin, or a delicious non-alcoholic drink. See our wide selection here.

Cuba libre
La Morita Light or Dark Rum & Pepsi
Kr. 85,-

Two Trees Vodka & Orange juice
Kr. 85,-

Moscow Mule
Two Trees Vodka, Lime juice & Ginger beer
Kr. 95,-

White Russian
Two Trees Vodka, Kahlua & Cream
Kr. 95,-

Gin Hass
Two Trees Gin, Mango & Lemon soda
Kr. 95,-

John Collins
Four Roses Bourbon, Sugar, Lemon juice
Kr. 95,-

Tequila Sunrise
Olmeca Tequila Silver, Orange Juice & Grenadine
Kr. 95,-

Dark N' Stormy
La Morita Dark Rum, Angostura & Ginger beer
Kr. 95,-

Old Fashioned
Four Roses Bourbon, Sugar & Angostura
Kr. 95,-

Whiskey Sour
Four Roses Bourbon, Lemon juice, Sugar & Egg white
Kr. 95,-

Sex on the beach
Two Trees Vodka, Peach, Orange Juice & Cranberry Juice
Kr. 95,-

The Hurricane
La Morita Light Rum, Orange Juice, Passionfruit, Sugar, Lime & Grenadine
Kr. 110,-

Espresso Martini
Two Trees Vodka, Kahlua & Espresso shot
Kr. 110,-

Aperol Spritz
Aperol, Spumante & sparkling water
Kr. 110,-

Hendrick's Gin, blackberries, lemon juice & sugar
Kr. 125,-

Irish Coffee
O'Neil's Whiskey, brown sugar, cream & coffee
Kr. 95,-

Bartender's Choice

Ask the waiter

Price: 1 for 110,- & 2 for 200;-

House Gin & Tonic
Two Tree Gin, Albani Tonic
Kr. 85,-

Special Gin & Tonic
Choose one of our specialty gins* incl. Fuglsangsangs øko. Tonic
Kr. 115,-


Mother Nature
notes of woodruff & spruce

Sun and Citrus
notes of lemon verbena & rosemary

Sand and Sea
notes of buckthorn & beach beds

Merry Cherry
notes of cherry & cloves

Slow Sloe
notes of Sloe & Blackberry

Mild Wildness
notes of rosehip & lavender


notes of lime & grape

notes of peach & juniper



Bartender's Choice

Ask the waiter

Price: 1 for 110,- & 2 for 200;-

See our selection of non-alcoholic drinks:

Mango Punch
Lemon, Mango, Lemon

Tropical Topic
Cranberry, Orange Juice, Miranda Orange, Peach

Toffee Coffee Martini
Brown Sugar, Caramel, Double Espresso

Sugar, Lemon, Pomegranate, Tonic

Pink Crystal's
Strawberry, Lemon, Lime, Cranberry & Miranda Lemon

DKK 75,- per piece.