The Theatre Hall

Comwell Kolding mødelokale

About the Theatre Hall

The Theatre Hall is Comwell Kolding Theatre's large multi-purpose hall. The hall has great flexibility, as the end wall is movable (the proscenium arch). This allows you to create many different layouts. 


  • Length from wall to wall = 39.85 m 

  • Width from wall to wall = 26.77 m 

  • Clearance height on stage = 9.0 m 

  • Clearance height in the hall = 8.3 m 

The Proscenium Arch: 
The proscenium arch is the movable back wall that can reduce the auditorium by about one-third, thus creating a large backstage area.

  • Width = 26.77 m 

  • Height = 9.0 m

  • Depth = 1.8 m 

  • Scene opening: 

    • Width = 11.9 m 

    • Height = 6.0 m  

Theatre Setup

Number of seats:
A total of 798 seats in 23 rows, with 420 seats in the back section of the tier and 378 seats in the front section of the tier.

Technical positions:
It is possible to run sound and light from the auditorium's control room. Distance to the stage = 25 meters.

Dimensions of the mixing desk area = W 3.86 x D 1.80 meters.

Distance from mixing desk to stage = 15 meters.

Orchestra pit:
The orchestra pit can be obtained by removing 4 or 6 rows of seats in the front of the auditorium.

For 4 rows:

  • Width = 23.5 meters

  • Height to the stage = 1.6 meters, and depth 3.9 meters

  • 108 seats are removed

For 6 rows:

  • Width = 23.5 meters

  • Height to the stage = 1.6 meters, and depth 5.7 meters

  • 168 seats are removed


  • Width = 26.0 meters

  • Depth = 14.0 meters

  • Clearance height= 9.0 meters

  • Proscenium arch stage opening: width 11.9 meters x height 6 meters

Concert Setup

Number of seats
A total of 1,064 seats in 31 rows, with 420 seats in the rear seating section and 644 seats in the front seating section.

Technical positions
It is possible to run sound and lighting from the control room, which is 30 meters from the stage, or 14 seats can be removed from rows 14 and 15 (seats 1 to 7 in both rows).

Dimensions of the mixing position = W 3.86 x D 1.80 meters.

Distance from mixing position to stage = 20 meters.

The stage is built up of podiums and the theatre has an area of 100 square meters. Maximum height is 1.0 meters.

Note: The maximum width of the proscenium arch is 11.9 meters.

Table Layout

Congress setup
Congress setup is tables arranged in rows. The setup is used for congresses with a panel of speakers or for large parties with a stage for an orchestra and dance floor. With this setup, the theatre can accommodate 720 people for congresses and 640 people for parties.

School desk setup
School desk setup is mainly used for meetings and courses with a panel of speakers. There can be a maximum of 600 people in this setup.

Round tables
There can be a maximum of 450 people in this setup.

Note: At the back of the hall, there is a permanent balcony with 168 seats. There is no direct access from the balcony down to the hall.

It is possible to combine the table setups with a bleacher setup at the back of the hall (434 seats). The bleachers take up approximately 1/3 of the hall.

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