Comwell Rebild Bakker Restaurant


Wonderful Nordic Food - Inspired by Nature

Surrounded by the forest, you find our beautiful restaurant. Here you can simply relax, and let us do what we love - attending to you, making you feel at home and having the experience to remember. 

We cook modern Danish/Nordic food, and our chefs use many local ingredients and herbs found in the surrounding nature. They pick chives, herbs and forest acid among the many green goodies. We offer a lovely, seasonal 2- and 3-course menu. This may be paired with wonderful wines from our well-assorted wine menu. You are guaranteed an absolutely fantastic taste experience. 

Our chefs love food and the forest and are very much inspired by nature. Exploring the many gifts that nature has to offer, our chefs tap birch juice in early spring, boil it to make a lovely syrup for our cheeses or use it in a fresh drink with elderflower and raspberry. During autumn, we pick mushrooms and berries to pair with our autumn dishes. We also discovered that salmon tastes absolutely outstanding when smoked on dried heather from the heath. 

By bringing nature, and especially the forest treasures into the kitchen, we cultivate and respect the simple tastes, honest ingredients and the harmony it creates. We cook according to the seasons, focus on ecology, and explore the local cuisine in collaboration with skilled North Jutland producers. 

Our restaurant has seating for 185 guests and is located on two levels with a large outdoor terrace and access to alluring, green areas. We have room for both smaller and larger groups, and we offer many different table settings, so the restaurant can be used as a large party room.  

Information & Contact

Comwell Rebild Bakker Restaurant
Rebildvej 36
9520 Skørping

Opening Hours:
The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday from 6pm to 9:30pm. During holiday periods, our restaurant is also open on Sundays from 6pm to 9:30pm.

Table Reservation:
Telephone: (+45) 98 391 222