Recruitment process

Recruitment process

A vacant position

When we are looking for a new employee, we start by creating a job profile for the specific position. The department manager creates the job profile, which describes the necessary qualifications and competencies, the best-suited background and experience, and the personal qualities that an applicant should have to best fulfill the position.

In consultation with the HR department, the position is advertised externally, and at the same time, we encourage internal employees in the Comwell group to apply. In addition, we perform an automatic search in Comwell's database of unsolicited applications, and if a suitable candidate is found for the position, we contact them and recommend that they apply specifically for the vacant position.


As soon as the vacant position is advertised, it can be seen here on our website. You can immediately apply for the job directly from the page, where you also have the option to attach a motivated application and CV. For the sake of the further process, we at Comwell can only receive your application electronically.

Once we have received your application, you will automatically receive a confirmation. Among the received applications, we typically select 3-5 candidates based on qualifications and competencies, who we would like to interview.


During the interview, we focus on your professional skills and education, while also providing you with more information about Comwell and the job itself. We inform you about what challenges we can offer you and what your development opportunities are at Comwell. We further concentrate on your competencies and how suitable you are to fill the role required by the job. For administrative positions and managerial recruitment, we often use personality tests as a supplement to the interview.


We always call one or two of the references you have provided in your CV. The questions we ask are designed to assess your professional qualifications and competencies about the specific position and can confirm or refute the information we have obtained through the job interview.


What underlies our choice of a particular candidate is a combination of the impression we have of you during the interview, your qualifications and competencies, and your education.

Once we have hired the candidate we believe is best suited for the job, we send a rejection letter to the remaining applicants. If you have been interviewed and subsequently received a rejection, you are welcome to call and get a more detailed explanation of why you were not chosen."

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Applicant Privacy Policy

We collect personal information about you when you apply for a job at Comwell. For more information about how we collect and use this information, please see our applicant privacy policy.

Applicant privacy policy