Hybrid møder

Hybrid meeting package and live streaming events


We Offer Hybrid Meeting Packages

What is a hybrid meeting?

A hybrid meeting is a combination of physical meetings and an online video meeting. In this meeting format, participants physically gathered in one or more of Comwell's meeting rooms around the country, and meet in a common online video meeting. Participants who are not physically present can also join the hybrid meeting via their laptops.

Comwell hybrid video meeting package

At all Comwell hotels, we offer a "Comwell Hybrid Video Meeting Package" that allows you to combine physical meetings with an online video meeting - that's what we call a hybrid meeting.

The high-quality camera and audio solution

The "Comwell Hybrid Video Meeting Package" includes a high-quality camera and audio solution (PolyStudio audio and video bar) that ensures participants have a meeting experience significantly above the traditional video meeting via a laptop.

The camera in the video bar has several settings. It can be set to show all participants (ideal for a few participants in the meeting room) or automatic "speech tracking," where the camera focuses on the meeting participant who is speaking. This gives online participants or participants who are gathered for a physical meeting at another Comwell location the opportunity to see body language and facial expressions. Via remote control, it is possible to switch between different camera settings and zoom in and out of the meeting room during the meeting. Additionally, the microphone in the video bar is of significantly better quality than for online meetings via a laptop and thus ensures a better meeting experience.


Our Comwell Hybrid Video Meeting Package is recommended for small and medium-sized meetings with a maximum of 20 people gathered at each of the physical meetings. The price includes VAT and is per location and includes rental of the PolyStudio audio and video bar, technical setup, and start of the meeting with a Comwell AV technician:

  • DKK 2,750 for the first meeting day

  • DKK 1,375 per subsequent consecutive meeting days

For meeting execution, you can use your laptop or rent one from us. We are happy to help you create a link to the online meeting platform. Alternatively, you can create it yourself via the video meeting platform you use in your company.

Live Streaming Events

Video meetings can be arranged on both large and small scales, tailored to your needs, regardless of the purpose of the meeting, the number of participants, and the need for interaction with participants.

So whether you need to conduct teaching that requires participant involvement and two-way communication or need to live to stream a general meeting or another event on a website or for an audience gathered in one or more geographic locations, we can help you. We guide and assist with the technical set-up.


We are happy to provide a specific offer for your specific event with associated requests.