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Meaningful meetings between people

At Comwell, we specialise in hosting meetings and conferences, whether it's a small business meeting or a large gathering. And at all our hotels you'll find a team of competent MeetingDesigners who are passionate about customising your meeting so that you get an enriching and meaningful experience with maximum benefit.

What does a MeetingDesigner do?

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A MeetingDesigner is your personal advisor and sparring partner and is with you every step of the way, before, during and after the meeting. We know that good preparation makes a difference to your meeting, which is why we make sure to ask about your needs right from the start.

Good preparation makes a difference

What do you want to do with the meeting? And what is the purpose? When we know your wants and needs, we can design the meeting so that it is most meaningful and beneficial to you.

Confidence and presence in the meeting

A successful meeting requires confidence and presence. As a meeting leader, you need to be able to relax and focus on your performance. Therefore, you need to know that all practicalities is taken care of. That there are chairs for everyone in the room, that the technology is working and that lunch is ready when you are.

Our MeetingDesigner takes care of all this and coordinates with you, our technician and colleagues in the kitchen.

We create the setting for your meeting

If you need to be shaken up with an activity or talk two-on-two on a walk, our MeetingDesigner is ready to help you with that too.

We go to great lengths to create the best setting for your meeting. And we know that bringing two departments together to make decisions, create new solutions or get to know each other better makes a big difference when it comes to merging two departments into one. Some meetings require quiet, extra space on the tables and a lunch in the room. Other meetings are better when there are puzzles during breaks and activities built into the programme.

This is what we do

When you book a meeting or conference at Comwell, our MeetingDesigner will be notified. You will be contacted and here are a few of the things we would like to discuss with you:

  • Purpose of the day

  • Briefly about content

  • Need for AV equipment

  • Breaks during the day

  • Accommodation

  • Food and drinks

The conversation gets us off to a good start and our MeetingDesigner can get to work for you. We don't interfere with the content of the meeting but concentrate on creating the framework that makes the most sense and value for you. And we can already guarantee that with MeetingDesign you can feel confident that the meeting is well prepared from start to finish.

What you get with MeetingDesign

Dialogue and preparation

  • The optimal setting for your event

  • Hyper-focused purpose and needs assessment

  • Optimisation of meeting programme and time management

  • Checklist before the meeting

Meeting facilities that matter

  • Personalised reception
    Our MeetingDesigners welcome you and ensure a safe start for you and all meeting participants.

  • Technical assistance
    We'll help you avoid wasted time and focus on your attendees, meeting content and meeting management.

  • Catering and catering
    We provide good hospitality and delicious catering to ensure your attendees are served throughout the meeting.

Follow-up and evaluation of your meeting

  • Invoicing

  • Evaluation of the meeting day

  • Planning your next meeting?

Do you want to know more about MeetingDesign?

Pernille Pokriva, Hotel Director at Comwell Køge Strand, is also in charge of all Comwell's MeetingDesigners, who are constantly updated on new trends and tendencies within meetings, conferences and lectures, so they can provide the best advice.

Contact us

If you have any questions about your next meeting or what MeetingDesign can do for you, you are very welcome to contact the relevant hotel.

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