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Succesfulde møder på Comwell Hotels
Your 3 key reasons to book a meeting room at our hotels

You should hold your meetings at Comwell for maximum satisfaction among your meeting participants and personal success as a meeting leader.

High quality meeting management
Focus 100% on your meeting leader performance. We take care of all practicalities for the meeting.
Zero waste of time. Not a tech genius?
No matter, we've got you covered. MeetingDesigners and technicians are ready to assist, so you avoid wasting time and always appear completely professional and calm - every time!
Delicious meeting catering
It may seem insignificant, but the fact is that your meeting participants will remember if the catering disappoints. Fortunately, it does not at our place, and it reflects positively back on you and your choice of the meeting venue.

Comwell's MeetingDesigners

Your personal expert in meeting planning

When you hold a meeting with us, you get free expert assistance from the moment you book your meeting all the way through. Our service does not stop until your MeetingDesigner has followed up on the meeting and evaluated it with you. In other words - meetings with us are synonymous with 100% peace of mind for you as a meeting leader.

  • Meeting room and the perfect meeting package

  • Hyper-focused purpose and needs assessment

  • Optimization of meeting program and time management

  • Checklist before the meeting

Facilities under meetings

  • Personal reception.
    Our MeetingDesigners ensure that your meeting participants are informed and guided to the meeting room.

  • Technical assistance.
    We assist you to avoid wasted time and to focus on your meeting participants, the content of the meeting, and meeting management.

  • Refreshments.
    We provide good hospitality and delicious meeting refreshments, ensuring that your meeting participants are served throughout the meeting.

Follow-up and evaluation of your meeting

  • Invoicing

  • Evaluation of the meeting day

  • Planning of any potential next meeting

MeetingDesign: An award-winning concept

What defines MeetingDesign?

MeetingDesign is our free advisory service for you. We tailor and customize a meeting or conference package to your exact wishes. Our team of experienced MeetingDesigners follows you from your first phone call until the meeting is over and all participants have left.

Our team of meeting planners offers assistance with planning, meeting structure, suggestions for the right conference rooms, the optimal catering, and possibly booking accommodation for all participants.

A meeting concept in constant development

At Comwell, we have had MeetingDesigners since 2004, and they are the core of our award-winning meeting concept. They are continuously updated on trends and tendencies within meetings, conferences, and lectures, so they can provide you with the best advice regarding the type of meeting you wish to hold. During the meeting, they ensure that everything runs as planned, so you can focus on the purpose and content of the meeting.

At all of our hotels, we have a team of skilled MeetingDesigners who, in the true sense of the word, help design your meeting so that you and your participants get the most out of the day.

Tasks and meeting planning that a Comwell MeetingDesigner can help you with

Our MeetingDesigners' task is to make your conferences, courses, or other types of events work optimally.

Therefore, they help with:

  • Planning your meeting and focusing on the purpose

  • Suggestions for work methods and activities that fit your meeting

  • Ideas to engage participants in the meeting program

  • Making breaks an active part of your meeting

  • Ensuring that the catering does more than just satisfy hunger

  • Ideas for follow-up that ensures that you extend the meeting's benefits

  • Booking hotel rooms during conference days

  • Booking and coordination in general