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Comwell Hotels has a collaboration with Ecooking which produces and supplies natural and everyday skincare for everyone - whatever the gender or age.

Ecooking is an organic Danish skincare range launched in 2015. The range was developed by skincare manufacturer, Tina Søgaard, who started out by making products aimed at the problems she had with her own skin.

When it was launched, the Ecooking range consisted of seven products that were originally filled by hand at the company's own little factory. All products have been developed with our environment in mind, and use 100% purely organic and natural oils and only the best raw ingredients. Today, Ecooking produces more than 54 different products for both men and women of all ages, and their products are sold in 24 countries around the world.

Buy Ecooking at Comwell Hotels
Ecooking is currently sold in selected online shops, at Matas, and at pharmacies. With his new collaboration, it is now also possible to buy a wide range of Ecooking products from the reception at all 14 Comwell Danish Hotels.