Digital running routes in all hotels


Digital running routes in all hotels

Many hotel guests put the freedom to use nature for their daily exercise high on their list of priorities. However, guests are often unfamiliar with the local area and lack sufficient time to plan a good running route.

Therefore, we have specially customised three different digital running routes for each of our hotels in Denmark. The running routes have been uploaded to the RunGo app, which explains and shows which routes should be run, what distance is left and which roads or paths to use. Just like a GPS in a car.

Once you have downloaded the app, it automatically finds the three running routes that are linked to each hotel. The running routes are 3, 5 and 10 km respectively. The short distance of 3 km is also recommended for a "walk and talk", offering a healthy break during a long meeting or seminar.

All our running routes are entered with the hotel's name, e.g. Comwell Holte. Then you can choose one of the three routes. RunGo is free and can be used for iOS and Android – both mobile phones and on Apple Watch. The app and routes have been tested by Comwell's activity manager, Morten Hald, from Comwell Rebild Bakker.   

How to get started:

  • Use our free WiFi by using the network: comwellhotels / password: comwellhotels 
  • Download the app RunGo  
  • Search for the name of the hotel e.g. Comwell Holte  
  • Now you can choose between three different routes of 3, 5 or 10 km.