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Comwells Cookie Policy

Comwell wants to be clear and open about how we collect and use data that is related to you. Therefore, this policy describes how and when we use cookies. This policy for cookies applies to all Comwell products or services linked to this policy or incorporates it by reference.

Does Comwell use cookies?

Yes. We use cookies and other technologies to ensure that all Comwell users get the best possible experience. Cookies also help us protect your account. When you visit or use our services, you agree to the use of cookies and similar technologies for the purposes described in this cookie policy.

What is cookies?

A cookie is a small file stored on a device, which activates some of Comwell's features. Cookies can e.g. enable us to identify your device, protect your access to Comwell and our sites, and even help us tell if others are trying to access your account on a foreign device. Cookies also make it easier for you to share Comwell content and help us show you relevant ads.

When does Comwell place cookies?

We use cookies on our sites, for example, All browsers visiting these sites receive cookies from us. We also place cookies in your browser when you visit sites outside Comwell that host our plugins (eg, Comwell's "Share" button) or tags.

What kind of cookies does Comwell use?

We use two types: "persistent cookies" and "session cookies". A "persistent cookie" helps us recognize you as an existing user so you can easily come back to Comwell or interact with our services without having to log in again. Once logged in, a "persistent cookie" will remain in your browser and will be read by Comwell when you return to one of our websites or a partner site that uses our services. "Session cookies" last only as long as your session (mostly the current visit to a site, or as long as the browser is open and, for example, remembers how far you came into your room booking).

Who in Comwell uses cookies?

It is preferably Comwell's sales and marketing department, as well as Comwell Club, which uses cookies.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies can be used to recognize you when you visit Comwell, remember your preferences and provide you with a customized experience in line with your settings. Cookies can also make it safer and faster for you to communicate with Comwell. Cookies also allow us to deliver advertisements both on and outside Comwell sites using Comwell plugins, such as our share button.




If you're signed in to Comwell, cookies can help us show you the right information and customize your experience.


We use cookies to enable and support our security features and to help us find spiteful activity and violations of our User Agreement.

Preferences, features and services

Cookies can tell us about your preferred language and preferences for communication. They can make it easier for you to fill out forms on Comwell. They can also provide you with features, knowledge and custom content along with our plugins.


We may use cookies to show you relevant ads both on and outside of the Comwell website. We can also use cookies to find out if a person who saw an ad later visited and did an action (such as downloading a white paper or making a purchase) on the advertiser's website. Our partners can likewise use a cookie to find out if we've shown an ad and how it's done, or give us information about how to interact with them. We can also collaborate with a partner to show you an advertisement on or outside Comwell, for example after visiting a partner's website or app.

Efficiency, web analysis and surveys

Cookies help us find out how our site is performing in different areas. We also use cookies to understand, improve and investigate products, features and services, including. When you access Comwell from other sites, apps or devices such as your work computer or mobile device.

How are cookies used for ads?

Cookies and ad technology such as pixels and tags help us show you more relevant ads. They also help us with auditing, research, and reporting for advertisers, giving us a better understanding for improvements to our services, and they show when you've shown content. Note: Because your web browser can retrieve ads directly from third-party ad network servers, these networks may view, edit, or create third-party cookies, just as if you had requested a webpage from their site. Ads provided by Comwell can also create third party cookies.

Unless you delete these cookies from your browser, we may use this information to:

  • Deliver more relevant and interest-based ads
  • Provide overall reports about ad activity to the advertisers and sites hosting the ads
  • Help website and app owners to gain insight into visitor behavior on their site or app
  • Detect and combat fraud and other risks in order to protect users and partners
  • Improve our products 

We do not disclose personal information to advertisers unless you have given us permission. You can disselect interest-based advertising based on data collected by third-party websites by editing your settings. Note that this does not remove ads on the pages you visit; but the ads you may see may not be appropriate for your interests. Learn more about cookies and how to disselect.

Which third-party cookies uses Comwell?

You can see some of the third-party cookies found on our websites in our cookie overview at the bottom of this page. Note that the names of cookies, pixels, and other technologies can be changed over time. Also note that companies and other organizations that sponsor Comwell pages may use cookies, pixels, or other technologies on their Comwell pages to gather information about your interest in them.

Checking cookies

In most browsers, you can control the use of cookies using the settings. Restricting the possibility that sites can save cookies may result in a poorer user experience because the sites are no longer customizable to you. You may not be able to save custom settings, such as login information.

How to do if you do not want to install cookies or if you want them removed

If you do not want us to use cookies when you visit Comwell, you can disselect our cookies on the page with your settings. If you do not want cookies, you can change your browser settings on your computer or other device where you visit Comwell. If you use Comwell without changing the browser's settings, we assume you would like to receive all cookies on Comwell's website. Most browsers also contain features that allow you to browse and delete cookies, including Comwell cookies. Note that the Comwell site does not work optimally without cookies.

Read more about cookies, for example how to see which cookies are saved and how to manage and delete them on: or

Third-party collaborators who store cookies on Comwell's websites

  • Facebook
  • Google Universal Analytics
  • Google Call Tracking
  • Bing UET
  • Bmetric
  • Google Optimze

Other useful links

Learn more about advertisers' use of cookies on these links:

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On the browser manufacturers Help pages, you can find information about managing cookies in their products. See below for more information.

In the case of other browsers, refer to the documentation provided by the browser manufacturer.