Recruitment process

Job openings

When recruiting a new employee, we start by describing a job profile for the position. The team lead is the one creating the job profile, which describes needed qualifications and competencies, which background and experiences that best fit the profile, and the personal abilities that best match the position.

In cooperation with HR, the job is posted externally as well as internally at Comwell. We have many employees, who are happy to stay with us for a long time, and many choose to transfer and develop their careers internally. We first conduct an automatic search for matches in our database with unsolicited applications. If we find possible matches, we reach out to the candidate and ask her/him to send us a targeted application for the vacant job.

How to apply

As soon as the job opening is announced it is accessible here at our website. You apply directly online, where you are to add your application and your resumé. It is only possible to apply online. At Comwell, we consider diversity a big plus and therefore we actively encourage everyone regardless of personal background or nationality, gender and age to apply.

After receiving your application, we send you an automatic confirmation. Normally, 3-5 relevant candidates are being invited for an interview, based on their qualifications and competencies.

The interview

The purpose is to talk about your professional skills and experiences. We both want to get to know you better and tell you more about the job and working at Comwell. At the interview you will learn more about what to expect when working with us, and the possibilities for development and possible career paths.

It is very important that your personality matches the specific job, which is crucial for making the right match – both in terms if you being a happy Comwell employee but also making sure that you are fit to meet your daily tasks. If you are applying for a job within administration or management, you can expect a personality test in addition to your interview.


We always call one or two of your references added in your resumé. The questions we ask, are simply to confirm that the qualifications and competencies you have, are in fact the ones that we learned from your job interview.

Selecting the right person for the job

Selecting the right person can be tough. However, we pay attention to a mix of the following: The impression you gave during your interview, your experience and/or qualifications and for some positions also your educational background.

When the decision is made and our favorite candidate has been chosen, we send out job rejection messages to all other applicants. If you were invited to an interview, you are always welcome to ask for a thorough description of why you were not chosen for the specific job.

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