Comwell enters collaboration with Danish Ecooking

Press release - April 10 2019

Comwell Hotels wants to give its guest experience a boost in quality. That's why the national hotel chain has entered a new collaboration with Danish skincare manufacturer Ecooking. The new collaboration will bring the best skincare ingredients out of the kitchen and into guests' hotel rooms with natural and organic amenities.

Comwell Hotels has entered into a new collaboration with Ecooking which produces and supplies natural and everyday skincare for everyone - whatever the gender or age. Comwell has been working on sustainability across the hotel chain's food profile and products for years, so it is therefore with great expectation that the hotel chain has now partnered up with Ecooking, guaranteeing high-quality and sustainable amenities.

Comwell's Director of Operations, Peer Rysgaard, welcomes the new collaboration:
"For Comwell, this is an enormous boost in quality. We are now investing in our guests by giving them quality Danish products that also match our environmental and sustainability values. It is important for us that we create comfort and give our guests the best quality throughout their entire "trip" when staying with us - everything from the food you eat, to the soap you use, the pillow you lay your head on, and the pyjamas you wear," says Comwell's Director of Operations, Peer Rysgaard.

Sustainable, Danish success for the environment
Ecooking is an organic Danish skincare range launched in 2015. The range was developed by skincare manufacturer, Tina Søgaard, who started out by making products aimed at the problems she had with her own skin. However, there was soon a demand for specific "problem-solvers" that could solve a given problem here and now. That's the reason there are no common themes or ingredients running through the Ecooking range. Each product is developed to be as effective as possible.

When it was launched, the Ecooking range consisted of seven products that were originally filled by hand at the company's own little factory. All products have been developed with our environment in mind, and use 100% purely organic and natural oils and only the best raw ingredients. Today, Ecooking produces more than 54 different products for both men and women of all ages, and their products are sold in 24 countries around the world.

For founder and owner of Ecooking, Tina Søgaard, the collaboration with Comwell is a completely natural development for the business:
"We're well-suited because we're both Danish and sustainable. Lots of hotels ignore their guests when it comes to amenities. So I've got a lot of respect for Comwell as a national hotel chain that is now choosing to roll out their sustainability to all their rooms. From my point of view, Ecooking and Comwell are a good match. All of our products are produced and developed in Denmark, and we only use natural and organic ingredients. You can also recycle our packaging, and the filling used in our packaging is made of corn, so it can be broken down in water," says Ecooking founder and owner, Tina Søgaard. 

Buy Ecooking at Comwell Hotels
Ecooking is currently sold in selected online shops, at Matas, and at pharmacies. With his new collaboration, it is now also possible to buy a wide range of Ecooking products from the reception at all 14 Comwell Danish Hotels.