Festive new year's stay at Comwell

Gourmet dinner and the perfect setting

Special New Year's celebration at Comwell

Imagine a New Year's eve - beautifully sorrounded by nature, by the ocean or maybe big city style. The choice is yours! Comwell has unique hotels all over Denmark (and even one in Sweden) for you to choose from. All with their individual charm. To us, New Year's eve is a very special evening! Every year, we have the pleasure of treating our guests with a carefully curated New Year's menu, created by our very best chefs. The hotels are buzzing with festive vibes in the most wonderful setting.  

What's in store for you? 
Check-in & chill. Arriving in the afternoon you can start by relaxing en enjoying all the hotel has to offer. Take a walk pre-dinner, enjoy a visit to the spa (we have 3 spa hotels and even more hotels with pools and sauna), or maybe a well derserved nap. Take your time getting ready for dinner and getting dressed in your very best clothes - or sweatpants (no judgement as long as you are comfortable, we are happy). Extra plus by spending new years at a hotel: No sweat when you spent an hour prepping the perfect hairdo or polishing your fancy shoes only to have it ruined by the weather - not an issue with us!

The food. No New Year's without a dinner that stimulates all of your senses. At Comwell we are proud to house many of Denmark's most talented and upcoming chefs, so be ready for a really satisfying menu - carefully curated for this evening. During the dinner there is live music and different kinds of festive entertainment as the icing on the cake.

Champagne at midnight (of course). This is the moment, we have all been waiting for. We treat everyone bubbles and the Danish "kransekage", which is the traditional cake that 99,9% of all Danes enjoy (with just reason because this is one yummy cake). What happens after midinight? Well we suggest you keep the party going and all of our hotels have a broad selection of wine, beer and some even their very own signature cocktails!

The day after. Well, some of you might be in extra need of comfort food the morning after. Lucky for you, staying overnight with us, you have our large breakfast buffet to look forward to. What a way to start your new year - all enjoying and no dishes! If you have New Years resolutions such as a "healthier you" many of our hotels have fitness rooms and we even have our very own running routes app.

Hurry up
So if you are looking to spend a New Year's in the perfect settting with your partner, friend, all of your family - including kids, or as a group of friends, this New Year's stay is definitely for you. But honestly, hurry up and book because the Comwell New Year's stay is incredibly popular, and we understand why. 

Extra comfy? Book an extra night

Know the feeling when you checked in to the most wonderful hotel and thinking damn... Why am I only here for one night? Well if you already have your suitcase packed up, why not add one more pair of "undies" and enjoy the sweetness of life? After all you do deserve it! 

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