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Voted as Denmark's most sustainable hotel according to the Sustainable Brand Index Award

For the 5th year in a row, we have been named "Denmark's most sustainable hotel chain" at the Sustainable Brand Index Awards. The award is based on the attitudes and awareness of 12.000 Danish consumers toward sustainable brands in Denmark.

At Comwell, we take care of people and the environment. We aim to be the preferred sustainable hotel chain in the industry for our guests, employees, and partners.

Therefore, sustainability is a crucial aspect of our business. We integrate sustainability across all our hotels and areas because we strive to become a better version of ourselves.

We base our approach on three important areas of responsibility:

  • We take responsibility for our resource consumption, including minimizing food and resource waste and recycling as much as possible.

  • We take responsibility for creating balance and considering both people and the environment every day in our hotels.

  • We take responsibility for our skills and our ability to adapt without compromising the good service experience

Raw material and beverage policy

Our policy on the selection of raw materials and beverages is crucial to our sustainable transformation. For this reason, we prioritize local and organic raw materials, depending on the season. We also prioritize fish and shellfish caught in local waters and organic beverages. Additionally, we focus on:

  • Animal welfare and avoiding endangered fish species

  • Closer collaboration and requirements for our suppliers

  • Partnerships for the delivery of, for example, organic pigs and free-range cattle from local natural areas

Kitchens working for the environment - not against it

In our kitchens, we have initiated several measures and set goals for our daily work:

  • We have received the bronze Organic Food Label at all hotels.

  • We have the REFOOD certification, committing us to comply with three self-chosen initiatives to reduce food waste.

  • Ambassadors from each kitchen, in collaboration with the Hotel and Restaurant School, have completed a Comwell Food Coordinator training to learn how to better utilize ingredients and reduce food waste.

  • We have increased the number of vegetables and use less but better meat.

  • We bake, pickle, and produce more food from scratch.

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The Organic Food Label

The Organic Food Label is a state-controlled labeling scheme for restaurants. It can be compared to the red Ø-label. The difference is that the Organic Food Label exists in three different versions; gold, silver, and bronze.

At Comwell, we have obtained the bronze Organic Food Label at all of our hotels. This means that 30-60% of all our purchased food and beverages are organic.

We believe that the Organic Food Label will enhance the quality and taste experience in our kitchens to the delight of our guests.

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The REFOOD Label

The REFOOD label is a trust-based scheme for companies and organizations in the food and service industry actively working to reduce food waste and promote recycling. Membership requires demonstrating commitment by choosing three food waste reduction initiatives from the many proposals of the REFOOD organization, as well as having a system for recycling food waste.

At Comwell, we believe that our commitment to the REFOOD label sends a strong signal. This way, we support the vision of a sustainable food and service sector characterized by less resource waste and more recycling.

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Green Key Certification

All Comwell hotels have the Green Key certification, the tourism industry's international environmental certification. It is awarded to tourist companies that make an extra effort to protect the environment.

The certification is a testament to Comwell's adherence to several specific and relevant environmental requirements throughout the entire hotel operation.

The requirements include everything from energy, water, and cleaning to organic ingredients, which we continually document and have checked.

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Spa with consideration

At our spa hotels, we are very mindful of the products we use for treatments.

We use products without parabens and with up to 70% organic ingredients in some products, as well as natural and essential oils.

Additionally, we focus on our consumption of bathrobes and towels, and we use more environmentally friendly soy candles with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel instead of scented candles and diffusers.

To eat and drink with a clear conscience

When we set the table for everyday dining and festive occasions in our restaurants, we have a special focus on:

  • Offering organic beverages

  • Prioritizing the use of biodegradable disposable tableware

  • Minimizing the use of tablecloths

  • Ensuring environmentally friendly washing of tablecloths, fabric napkins, uniforms, etc.

  • Our suppliers of napkins and tissues are environmentally certified.

Our textiles are gentle on nature and people

At Comwell, we have high standards for offering more sustainable hotel stays. That's why we have chosen to rent and have our bed linens, towels, and bath mats washed by Berendsen, which became the first company in the world to be certified for the UN Sustainable Development Goals in 2019. All textiles are naturally environmentally certified and responsibly made with low use of chemicals and harmful substances.

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Housekeeping & Guest amenities

In our housekeeping, we consider our guests, employees, and the environment.

For us, we must create security and provide the best quality for our guests throughout their entire stay - everything from the food you eat, the soap you use, the pillow you rest your head on, and the bed linen you sleep in.

Therefore, we have partnered with the Danish skincare brand, Ecooking, which produces and delivers natural and organic skincare products for everyone - regardless of gender or age.

Remember, you can also purchase a wide selection of Ecooking products in the receptions of all 16 Comwell hotels in Denmark.

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We reduce our energy consumption by 20%.

In the past six years, our hotels have reduced electricity, water, and heating consumption by more than 20%. For the future, we aim to reduce it by an additional 2% per year.

Therefore, we will focus on:

  • Indoor climate, energy use, and resource consumption

  • Increased collaboration on energy consulting with EWII

  • Replacing with low-energy light sources

  • Optimized heat regulation

  • Reducing our water consumption

  • Material selection for new construction and renovation

  • We only purchase environmentally certified Danish windmill power.

Expertise that creates pride

At Comwell, we take pride in maintaining and further developing a highly skilled and professional staff in our kitchens, restaurants, and bars.

That's why you'll encounter trained chefs, waiters, and bartenders when you visit us. But that's not all. In the kitchen, we also have pastry chefs, dessert chefs, and other employees with specialized professions.

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CSR Policy

Precision and presence create value. These are the values that Comwell operates from in its daily operations - also when it comes to our social responsibility, where healthy environmental, economic, and social aspects permeate the decisions in the daily operations.

Comwell's sustainability efforts fall under our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and are a big part of everyday life at Comwell.

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Everything else

Comwell's sustainability efforts also include our receptions and conference departments, where we aim to:

  • Purchase environmentally friendly office supplies where possible

  • Phase out regular paper and switch to reusable and biodegradable paper types

  • Reduce the number of printed materials and increasingly use digital solutions

  • Focus on an environmentally friendly profile in all interior design and choice of furniture and fixtures.