Get ready for this year's Christmas party

Party, music and full catering for small and large parties

Are you looking for a place where you and your closest 5 or 500 colleagues can gather for a festive Christmas party? Then you've come to the right place.

At our hotels, we're ready to welcome you and give you an evening of delicious food and drinks, with musicians and DJs filling the dance floor from start to finish. You can also extend the great experience with an overnight stay at a special price, so you don't have to worry about traveling home.

It's Christmas time

A Christmas party at our hotels usually runs from 18:00-01:30 and includes a welcome drink, a Christmas buffet or served menu (or private dining), lots of drinks, music, and the option of accommodation at a special price.

See the program, price, and dates at each hotel

Rasmus Walter, L.I.G.A and Ankerstjerne are just a few of the artists you can experience at your Christmas party.

Each hotel has a set date and program, so take a look at each hotel and see what your Christmas party could look like.

Christmas party in Jutland
Rasmus Walter, Rasmus Bjerg, Djämes Braun and Stagebreakers. All will take to the stage at our Christmas party in Kolding, serving delicious Christmas dishes and refreshing drinks.
Centralværkstedet Smedien Aarhus
Help yourself to the dishes on the large Christmas buffet and hit the dance floor when Pauline, Ankerstjerne, Rasmus Bjerg and L.I.G.A take the stage.
Bygholm Park
Celebrate Christmas at the modern manor house where we warm up and serve a sumptuous Christmas buffet to the sounds of Kragh Band and DJ Kim Hå.
Johny Kristensen.
Hvide Hus Aalborg
Look forward to an evening of delicious food and drink as we host the best Christmas party of the year.
Rebild Bakker
Enjoy a traditional Christmas lunch with a sumptuous Christmas buffet, dancing, and music in Rebild Bakker.
Comwell julestemning, pynt, udsmykning, baggrunde, hygge, sæson, jul, deko
Kellers Park
Enjoy an evening of classic, homemade Christmas dishes in good company.
Christmas party on Funen
H.C. Andersen Odense
Turn your company Christmas party into a true adventure with a large buffet, open bar, and party in your own space.
Enjoy the view over Lillebælt and make yourselves comfortable at a well-laid Christmas table.
Christmas party in Zealand
Copenhagen Portside
Book a table for our popular Christmas dinners with a large buffet, drinks and much more.
Sit back and enjoy the idyllic setting, a delicious menu and take the chance to dance when our DJ goes on stage.
Surrounded by nature and a stone's throw from the beach. It's the setting for a special Christmas party with a pianist, DJ and delicious Christmas dishes.
A Christmas buffet with classic dishes and live acoustic music after dinner. It's a Christmas party at Roskilde!

Our hearts beat for a good meal

No Christmas party without food and drink. Perhaps that's why we are particularly fond of Christmas at Comwell. Because food is close to our hearts and we love everything about the food, from the choice of fresh ingredients to the details in the preparation and the care for both flavour and the environment.

Christmas buffet or served menu

When you host a Christmas party with us, you can look forward to a well-prepared meal that includes both classic dishes and new flavours. At many hotels, we offer a sumptuous Christmas buffet where all guests can find their favourites and where you definitely won't go to bed hungry. In other places, we have chosen to serve Christmas food as a menu, so you can stay at the table and focus on good company.

Are you also looking for the coolest New Year's Eve party?

New Year's eve

New Years Eve at Comwell Kongebrogaarden

Enjoy the last night of the year at Comwell Kongebrogaarden. Your stay includes coffee and home baking, welcome drink, 5-course dinner incl. wine menu, free bar, champagne and wreath cake, dinner, accommodation and breakfast buffet.
New Year's eve

New Years Eve stay at Comwell Hvide Hus Aalborg

Join us for a New Year's stay at Comwell Hvide Hus Aalborg with a 4-course dinner, wine menu, accommodation and much more.
Note that the stay is prepaid and cannot be canceled or refunded.
New Year's eve

Exclusive New Year's Eve at Comwell Hvide Hus Aalborg

Join us for an exclusive New Year's Eve stay at Comwell Hvide Hus Aalborg, with a 5-course menu and magnificent views from the 15th floor.
The stay is prepaid and cannot be cancelled or refunded.