Restaurant Vesterbro

At Restaurant Vesterbro we offer classic dishes with a twist. In the kitchen, the Nordic style governs, and we serve everything from simple and light dishes to our menu consisting of five servings. Our chef swears by a strong, organic profile and whenever possible uses local produce.

Restaurant Vesterbro is decorated to accommodate an intimate atmosphere overlooking the open kitchen and seating up to 45 guests. So whether you're a business traveler or part of a larger party, the restaurant's relaxing atmosphere creates the perfect setting for a great meal.

Monday - Sunday 17.30 - 21.30

Dear guest
At Restaurant Vesterbro we offer delicious dishes which our skilled chefs have prepared with love. The essence of our menu is good, local, organic, and seasonal ingredients – which we serve with pride.We have paired wines with the following servings so that a visit in Restaurant Vesterbro is a complete experience. Lean back and enjoy the atmosphere.
Bon appétit


Steamed and grilled white asparagus
with hand-peeled shrimp and hollandaise sauce Dkk.135,-
Wine: 2012  Riesling "Rostenberg" Domaine Marcel Deiss, 1. CRU.  Bergheim, Alsace Dkk.135,- 

Beef Carpaccio
with olives, tomato variety, roasted hazelnuts and parmesan cheese Dkk.115,-
Wine: 2015 Pinot Noir "Thea selektion", Lemelson Vineyard Dkk.125,-

Cold-smoked salmon
with lemon confit, salted cucumbers, crudité of radish and chive cream Dkk.115,-
Wine: 2018 Chardonnay “Vistamare Bianco” Ca’ Marcanda, Angelo Gaja, Bolgheri, Toscana Dkk.135,-

Main courses:

Chicken from Hopballemølle filled with chicken souffle
With kale, fresh leeks, onions, peas, and chicken fumé. New Danish potatoes with butter, parsley and lemon zest Dkk.235,-
Wine: 2018 Pinot Noir, Johanneshof Reinisch, Thermenregion Dkk.105,-

Grilled Grambogård onglet
With Butter steamed new carrots, green asparagus, baked onions, beef jus with mustard seeds, cranberries and Pommes Anna Dkk.245,-
Wine: 2016 “Ancient Vines – Zinfandel” Cline Cellars, Contra Costa County, California  Dkk.110,-

Slow-cooked Grambogård welfare pig
With baked whole Jerusalem artichokes, pure of Jerusalem artichokes.
Salt-baked celery, fried mushrooms, sauce supreme and fried potatoes with roasted kernels. Dkk.245,-
Wine: 2017 Chateau Yvonne ”L'ile Quatre Sous”, Centre Loire Dkk.135,-


Crispy shortbread pie with dark chocolate ganache
With caramel and vanilla ice cream Dkk.95,-
Wine: 2015 Æble isvin, lilleØ, Lolland Dkk.110,- 

Panna cotta with white chocolate and lemon
With berries and cake crumble Dkk.95,-
Wine: NV Heaven on Earth” Stellar Winery, Western Cape  Dkk.95,-

Rhubarb compote, sugar-pickled rhubarb
With mascarpone-cream, and grilled mazerin-cake Dkk.85,-
Wine: NV "Moscato d’Asti”  Ca’del Baio, Piemionte Dkk.95,-

Cheese board
5 kinds of cheeses from Arla unique with olives, crispbread and compote Dkk.115,-
Wine: Porto 20års Tawny” Osborne , Douro Dkk110,-

Room service

Lunch 11.30 - 17.30

Two kinds of luxus open sandwiches

Butter toasted ryebread
With cold smoked salmon, poached egg, white asparagus, herbal cream and watercress

Potato Sandwich
With fresh potatoes, shrimp salad, crispy bacon, cress, capers and red onion

Evening 17.30 - 21.30

Butter fried toast with creamy mushrooms
With fresh peas and spinach, crispy salad and fried eggs

Stoneoven baked pizza with air-dried beef
With fresh mozzarella, olives, pickled mushrooms and salad

Baked white fish in season
With browned butter sauce with capers, soy, almonds, and parsley.
Grilled green asparagus, peas and potatoes

Grilled ribeye 250gr.
With grilled kale, sauce verte, French fries and Sauce Béarnaise

Summer salad with crispy salads
With seasonal new vegetables, pickled vegetables and crispy bread croutons

Grilled brioche bun with organic ground beef, cheese, pickled red onions, baked tomatoes, salad, French fries, aioli and pickles

Strawberry and rhubarb trifle
With white chocolate cream, lemon and dark crumble

Order room service with no extra fee

Information & contact

Restaurant Vesterbro
Vesterbro 2
DK-9000 Aalborg

Opening hours
The restaurant is open Monday to Saturday from 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm.

The restaurant i closed on the 23th of december.

Dinner reservations
Phone +45 9813 8400