Restaurant Dannebro - menu

Lunch menu

Lunch is served between 11:30 am. – 4:00 pm. Prices are in DKK and includes VAT

Apple & onions – lard – Benjamin’s rye bread

Danish pickle rémoulade – roasted rye bread in butter
Kr. 175,-

Kr. 195,-

Danish open sandwich with potato’s
Shrimp’s and truffle mayo
Kr. 145,-

Original Caesar Salad
Romaine – Parmesan

Kr. 145,-

With chicken and bacon

Kr. 185,-

Paris a la carte
Beetroot - raw onions – horseradish – capers – raw egg yolk
200 g Kr. 195,- / 300 g Kr. 225,-

Sol over Gudhjem
Smoked herring – eggyoks - onions
Kr. 175,-

Selection of Cheese
Roasted rye bread in butter
3 cheeses Kr. 140, - / 5 cheeses Kr. 175,-

French toast with sorbet
Kr. 125,-

Stewed rhubarb – macaroons - ice cream
Kr. 125,-

Evening menu - March and April 2019

Evening menu is served ml. pm. 18.00 to 22.00. The prices are in DKK and are incl. VAT.

Lumpfish roe with Jerusalem artichokes and herbs
Kr. 150, -

Squid with fermented apple juice and carrots
Kr. 150, -

Ravioli with morels and "havgus"
Kr. 150, -

Main courses
Halibut with ram onions and smoked fish sauce
Kr. 285 -

Hake with Löjrum and chervil
Kr. 285 -

Patridge with yeast flakes and batat
Kr. 285 -


Fresh cheese with brioche and parsnip
Kr. 110 -

Rhubarb pie with fermented rhubarb and vanilla ice
Kr. 110 -
Burnt white chocolate with lemon verbena and cucumber
Kr. 110 -

We serve Sourcy natural mineral water sparkling to the menu, ad libitum
kr. 45, - per. pers. or tap water kr. 25, - per. person

An evening in Dannebro - a gastronomic experience in our universe

Champagne & snacks
9 course menu
Wine menu
Mineral water
Coffee & petit fours

Kr. 1.550, - Small wine menu per. person
Kr. 1,850, - Large wine menu per. person

The kitchen is open at 6pm to 10pm. "An evening in Dannebro" is served only for the entire table. Last orders for "An evening in Dannebro" is at. 8pm. The prices are in DKK and includes VAT