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Offers & Experiences at Comwell Kongebrogaarden

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Comwell Borupgaard

Jesper Rais
Overnight stay

Overnight stay with breakfast buffet

Accommodation with large breakfast buffet with organic and local specialties

Exclusive gourmetstay at Comwell Kongebrogaarden

Enjoy a gourmet 4-course dinner at one of Denmarks best luxury hotels

Overnight stay with seasonal dinner

Enjoy an overnight stay with a 2 course dinner at selected Comwell Hotels.

Exclusive weekend stay at Kongebrogaarden

Enjoy an Exclusive weekend stay at Kongebrogaarden, one of Denmark's best luxury hotels.
New Year's eve

New Years Eve at Comwell Kongebrogaarden

Enjoy the last night of the year at Comwell Kongebrogaarden. Your stay includes coffee and home baking, welcome drink, 5-course dinner incl. wine menu, free bar, champagne and wreath cake, dinner, accommodation and breakfast buffet.