Wedding at the idyllic boat harbor in Middelfart

Weddings at Comwell Kongebrogaarden

Middelfart, Funen

Number of rooms
62 double rooms

An envelope price from DKK 1.545,- pr. guest (afternoon reception + evening party)

The bridal suite is included in the price.

Bonus info
The bride and groom will enjoy a suite with a view.  


Homey, cozy, intimate and personal

Kongebrogaarden's terrace is the most magical spot for weddings and wedding receptions

Right by our small, idyllic marina, we have built a large wooden terrace, where your wedding and an atmospheric reception can take place. The setting speaks for itself and is - no wonder - the most amazing setting for capturing those special and cherished wedding photos. And we haven't even mentioned the path named "Kærlighedsstien", which leads all the way down to the waterfront. This is a true paradise for instagram enthusiasts as well as your wedding photographer! 

The wedding cake is created by pur local "chocolatier". They create true masterpieces for the lucky couples, who are of course a part of planning and deciding on both the tasty content and the visual design of the cake. For your wedding reception, we serve pair the cake with a sweet, sparkling wine, coffee, tea and freshly-cut fruit. 

The weather and a plan b

Do not sweat it! In case of the unmentionable - rain (this is Denmark after all!), we of course have a Plan B. And what a plan that is! 

We relocate to our most beautiful party room, named Kongens Have. D remember the old Danish saying that if there is rain on your wedding day this is sure to provide both gold and wealth to the bride’s lap. 

But first a little wedding planning..

As soon as you have a date for your big 'I do', reach out to us, so we can get started with our 'to do'. Please have in mind, that Comwell Kongebrogaard is a very popular wedding venue, so the sooner the better! 

We'll always invite you to stop by. so you can check out our wedding venue and feel the atmosphere, and this tradition is a big hit amongst our bridal couples and seldom do we have anyone leaving without having made a reservation. 

Usually, we meet up several times over 1-1 ½ years before the big day, yet a lot of the planning can easily be arranged by mail as well - this is completely up to you, as this is a service we offer. 

The very best of food and wine

Our kitchen at Comwell Kongebrogaarden is known for its high gastronomic level. The kitchen is predominantly organic. We prefer to have our ingredients delivered from skilled local producers. Our wedding menus definitely benefit from all of the best crops in season, and you get to meet and greet our head chef or restaurant manager at our meetings. 

We have a very well-stocked wine cellar with over 600 different wines, including a number of vintage wines from special areas. If you have special wishes, simply let our restaurant manager know.  

Which party room should you choose? And what table setting? 

Our party room, Restaurant Kongebro, has a view of the water and a large window section towards our lovely terrace. In this room, your eye immediately catches astonishing view of the bridges. If you prefer a more intimate wedding setting, we also have smaller party rooms right next to the water. 

When the dinner is over, we relocate your party to an adjoining room, most often our King's Garden room. This is the time to let your hair loose and let the party truly begin! Most guests prefer seating with round tables (room for 8-10 people at each table). "Horseshoes", L-shape, T-shape or long tables are definitely also an option, you just say the word. 

Table decorations 

Our basic decoration for weddings, usually will be our elegant, white table cloths, matching napkins and white candles. Should you have special wishes and ideas, we are always ready to discuss them and make it happen. 

We work with the best and most experienced, local floral artist, who knows our beautiful party rooms, and has a keen eye for what works and what does not, while of course doing the very best to match your dream setting. We recommend bringing a toastmaster so entertainment throughout the party is coordinated. A big screen is available and of course included in the price. 

And then enjoy the romance and have a fab party! 

Our experience tells us, that wedding parties are always starting out in a very romantic fashion. As the night progresses, it often turns into a monkey party. We are behind you 100% - this is your night and only the most fab party is acceptable!

When Niels W. Gade's "Bridal Waltz" has been perrformed by the lovely couple, and the party is drawing to a close, they can continue to the bridal suite - which is of course included in the price. You'll wake up to the next day-breakfast party and gift opening - behead and bieing in a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere with the rest of your party. 

The hotel is centrally located and easily accessed for guests coming from all parts of Denmark. We are close to the highway to Jutland, Zealand and the rest of Funen. Only 2.5 km from Middelfart station - a trip of approximately DKK 100 in taxi.  

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