Meeting packages at Centralværkstedet

The best catering for your meeting

When you book meetings and conferences at Centralværkstedet og Smedien, you are always guaranteed the best service and catering on all fronts. We offer three popular meeting packages that meet the needs of our guests.

No matter which package you choose, it is possible to customize the meeting package to include all the things that are crucial for you. Ensuring a successful event for you is our number one priority!

Day meeting 8:00 AM-4:00 PM

When you choose this package, you are fully catered from the moment you arrive in the morning. We start with an inviting breakfast table with organic specialties, among other things.

When the clock strikes lunchtime and your participants are ready for the next shot of fuel, we'll be ready with a wonderful lunch buffet with both hot and cold dishes.

As the icing on the cake, we make sure that no one goes hungry after lunch with a mini cake buffet with selected pastries from our pastry chef.

Throughout the day, coffee, tea, ice water, sparkling water, and refreshing lemonade are available ad libitum. Other beverages can be purchased exactly as you wish.

Evening meeting 5:00 PM-10:00 PM

Our evening meetings are also popular and we make sure that the catering and service are top-notch.

When you arrive in the afternoon, we start with an afternoon break, which is fresh fruit and some delicious sweets to get the meeting off to a great start.

A key part of the successful evening meeting is, of course, a delicious dinner, which can consist of either two or three courses - depending on your preferences.

Full day meeting

Many of our guests run meetings such as kick-offs, team days, workshops, conferences, and other events that require the whole day and evening. We combine the tried-and-tested elements of the day and evening meeting package into one fine and complete all-day event.

On the catering front, you get the full package with breakfast, a delicious lunch, a cake buffet, snacks, and a two- or three-course dinner in the evening.

To ensure a smooth transition from day to evening, we provide guests with a glass of welcome bubbles and some savory snacks, as our experience shows the optimal effect of a small break with a focus on the more informal